So, I am going to do a topical entry tonight i guess….

My Career:  Basically it has yet to exist.  I mean, I recently had two promising interviews and while I did well at both of them I was given neither job.  Both times someone more experience got the job.  I just don’t understand this experience necessary concept for entry level positions.  How can I get experience if no one will hire me?  It sucks.

My Family:  Not something I usually talk about in Xanga, but thought I’d throw them a line.  Tim and Cheri (my parents) are doing just fine.  They frequent Big Daddies and are currently preparing for their annual Cancun vacation.  They leave on Sunday.  If anyone wants to visit me next week, feel free to.  I have the whole house to myself and it could be boring.  My sisters are hanging in there, Shelbs is at BSU and Amber is on her own, with a good boyfriend, so props the them both.

LOST: I just love this show so much.  I bought season one on DVD and have watched it twice and I am starting the third time, but with a friend for this lap.  It’s so interesting and intriguing.  Could it be better then Desperate Housewives?  I think it may be.  If something good doesn’t happen soon this season on Desperate then LOST will surely take over the mantle as best tv show for me.

Work: Uno’s Chicago Grill at Southport has been such a weird expereince for me.  I had my 6-month review yesterday.  6 months?  I didn’t believe I had been there that long.  Anyhow, my manager told me I was an awesome employee and that I make one of the highest percentages when it comes to tip average.  Apparently I have issues with sharing big parties with other servers though, I am overly social on the floor and I tend to show disrespect for some of my managers.  Probably because they are assholes a lot of the time.

New Friends: I’ve always been resistant to change, so it’s taken me forever to find people I like and want to chill with here in Indy.  I’ve finally began doing stuff with people from work, like going out, having little get togethers at my place, etc. etc.  Andrew is the buff hot guy who likes sex, Amber is the crazy ghetto chick, Amanda is the pot head, Evan is Amanda’s boyfriend who can keep up with me while drinking, Audrey is the beauty school student whose a “good girl”.  We all have names that start with A.  Weird isn’t it?

Frumpy Day: It’s been a while, but I had one yesterday.  I woke up around noon with Amanda in bed next to me.  Andrew was downstairs sleeping and soon joined our frumpines.  Anyhow, we all huddled together in a mass of blankets and ignored each others morning breath.  Andrew left shortly for the colts game, but Amanda and I were true to the Frumpy gods.  We got some Arby’s (mmmmm, the French dip rocks) and then proceeded to watch 5 episodes of LOST together.  Pajamas on, hair looking frantic, it was just so relaxing and much needed.

Love Life: I’m such a failure with guys.  Recently this new host starting working at Uno’s.  His name is Zach.  He’s hillarious in a naieve way and very cute.  Of course he’s “straight”.  He goes to bible college to be a youth minister and he doesn’t drink, smoke or even swear.  He says he used to do all that stuff, but then just changed.  I am in love with his personality, his originatlity and his black rimmed glasses.  I flirt with him at work, and while at first I didn’t think it’d go anywhere, but everyone started noticing he flirts back with me.  I’m sure it means nothing to him, but I am so into him.  And it’s like, I haven’t liked someone in such a long time that I don’t even care if it will never happen because the feeling I get when I am around him is just such a good one that I don’t want to get over the meaningless crush.  Is that a bad thing?

Well, I guess that’s all for now.  I miss my clan, Linds, Beth, Patach, and Aubs.  I am glad we all still talk at least.  Lets never stop that.  Peace out Xanga-teers.


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