“You see, not only is Beth one of my best friends, but she will ALWAYS be one of my best friends.  It’s like, we met in a dorm room, bonded over Christina, we grew attached discussing stolen Spanish books in a hallway and we tied the knot of BFF (that’s right i said it) when she cried for me as I left the dorms.  That’s when I knew it was real. If you haven’t seen Beth then you don’t know beauty.  She’s the definition of it.  I can’t get enough of her dancing and her smile.  I think that’s what does it for me.  Her smile.  It’s perfect.  As my dad says “She could be a porn star”, but I think she’d make a better fly girl.  Also, have you ever seen someone make ty-dye pants look so good?  I haven’t.  I know what’s up, and what’s up is the heat when Beth is around.  It’s like she walked into my life and my cold bitter sarcastic personality melted. Thanks Beth for making me smile. “

I miss my BETH!!!


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