So tonight kind of sucked, but then again it was awesome.  Pro’s and Con’s!!

Pro: I got to close work tonight
Con: It was snowing so no one came into eat and I made no money

Pro: Zach was the host tonight and I jumped into his arms multiple times
Con: He’s still not going to date me, he just enjoys my attention

Pro: I am becoming much more independent in 2006
Con: Independent means paying my own health insurance which costs $120.00 a month.

Pro: I have half my Christmas shopping done
Con: I have half my shopping left and no funds to go shopping with

Pro: The older peopel at work invited me to their annual christmas get together
Con:  This means I am seen as someone who is a staple at Uno’s, something that was suppose just be a filler job

Pro: I recieved a postcard from RadioNOW. they will call me for an interview this month
Con: The music on Radio Now sort of sucks


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