It was one of those days where I had options.  I could have gone to a friends house, chilled at a bar, picked up a shift at work.  Anything.  Instead i chose to be frumpy.  I wore my red sweat pants, they’re the most comfortable, and a blue thermal.  Lunch made my stomach hurt a lot, i took a nap.  Then I awoke, read comis and watched the new Dukes of Hazzard movie.  or at least half of it.  I thought it was terrible.  I had to turn it off.  How lame. 

I was told tonight that someone misses me.  hahahahahahaha.  I miss him to.  But what do I miss?  The insanely deep and intellectual (at least we thought we were) conversations.  Our crude humor and hatred of people in general?  The way we could fight for an hour and still be drinking buds the next day?  His insistent need to PLAN everything.  Our ignorance of the fact that his girlfriend hated me?  The oddness of his bedroom?  His creepy guns?  The old spice scent that waffed through the air around him?  His arms.  I always liked his arms.  His constant use of nicknames.  I don’t know.  He always made me smile though and I’d love to see him.  Maybe I will call him sometime.

Don’t you hate whe people ask you what your type is?   I mean, who really has a type. variety and individuality are what make it all exciting.  I’ve liked a flamboyant christian, a showboating closet case, a computer nerd, a frat boy, an emo kid, a gay artist, a gorgeus stoner, a short stalky wrestler, another computer nerd/stoner, a party boy and a now a student of the Indiana Bible College.  Maybe that’s why i’m still single as hell.  oh well.  on a related side though, i still haven’t seen “The 40 Year Old Virgin”.  Who thinks I will be the 40 year old virgin?  Fate is so cruel isn’t it?

Musically I’ve been diverse lately.  Alanis has been blarring, I’ve been exploring lesser known Zeppelin songs, I even played a little Aimee Mann the other day.  Crazy bitch, she needs some prozac.


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