So instead of doing one of those year in review things i opted to just randomly flip through my photo album and select a number of pictures from the pages i opened up to.  Here’s what i got.

…..Ah, a classic of adam and aubs.  and who can beat Wendy’s, the dollar menu is amazing, plus with the added company of Aubs, you just can’t go wrong.  Might I add, this photo is taken after a trip to the waterbowl on a day when Aubrie was being observed by some research guy.



I think this picture truely symbolizes what it means to be a BAP.  Both Bethach and Adach look great and are posing well for this shot.  Look at the sassiness in Beth’s eyes, the thirst for beer in Adam’s eyes.  We know, not everyone can be this hip and cool.



Is it just me, or does this photo scream wedding invitation.  We even have on similar outfits.  Also, there’s a brief nod to my photo wall .  Aimee Mann is also in this photo, but i cropped her out.  and yeah, 309 never looked better.  As one of the original topics of this blog, I felt he deserved some space here.



You know you miss her!  The fantastic Kiki is perched on her lamp here, and accompanied by the trendy as hell snapple caps.  Kiki recently wrote me to let everyone know how she’s doing.  After graduating from BSU (that’s Bastard Stables University) Kiki became a flight attendant and a palotti’s instructor.  She said her wrist band inspired her to be more physical, and her love of peanuts promopted her need to be on airplanes more frequently.  Lately, Kiki’s been spending some well earned vacation hours in LA where she’s been spedning time with such great super stars as Richard Simmons, Ashlee Simpson, and of course Aimee Mann.



I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do this photo or not, and I’ll probably pick up a lot of slack for it, but oh well.  Nick DeSutter was my drinking buddy and i had a blast with him every time we hung out.  Even if he was an ass sometimes, and even if he dated Melissa and even if he sometimes just didn’t have respect for people, he was still willing to spend time drinking with me. 


This is from a strange era, but never the less, one I still look on and miss occasionally.  Bruce Fane was probably one the coolest guys i’d met in a while.  He was crazy, he was random and don’t I look good in this picture?


What can I say, she’s amazing.  an incredible photographer, a free spirit, extremely determined, and looking exquisite in this photo.  Aubs could make me smile by doing just about anything, from farting to laughing, to smoking to just being Aubs.  Miss ya dude!



Yeah yeah, old habits die hard.  My newest romance is Zach, though it’s mostly in my head.  But doesn’t he look fun?  who could resist.  Sadly, he’s been away in Michigan during his winter break from school and i haven’t seen him.  He returns on Monday.


The only reason I’ve stayed sane while working as a serve.  Her name’s Amanda.  She loves the movie Shrek, she loves cream soda, her dog is insane, Jack Johnson makes her swoon, and she is a kick ass X-Men Legends player.  We both enjoy making fun of life and humanities general existence.



I title this picture Irish-Squall.  I threw this in for Patach, simply cause I knew he’d enjoy it.  The lovely lindsey is currently chilling up north, but I have faith the one day her and I will be skating across the country in order to raise money for the “Lindsey and Adam love shopping” charity.  I miss her laughing, her crazy stories, and her giant craft box.



My bedroom as it currently looks.   As you can see, my Led Zeppelin montage is doing well.  I still need some more albums.


Another pic i wasnt’ sure i fi wanted to post, but opted too.   I know we don’t get along, but I don’t want to remember that about her.  I once thoguth she rocked, and she did.  So here is too how we used to be with each other.  (note: I still want her to be eaten alive by a pack of rabid shetland ponies.)


The summer crew.  That’s what this means to me.  My first summer in Muncie was spent with these guys and it was a blast.  I made more memories that summer then any other and will always consider is one of the best in my entire life. 


Well that’s all. 


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