The last 24 hours have been extremely unsettling.  It all started with cosmic bowling with my friend Amanda.  We had invited other people, but it was just the two of us at first.  She beat me three times, which was just mind boggling.  I’m better then that.  Then this kid from work Andrew shows up, and Amanda’s crazy friends.  we bowl more, i have a total of 4 beers, we go to Amanda’s apartment.  Here Andrew is becoming oddly attractive to me, and then i begin to vomit.  But while I’m vomiting i hear Amanda’s friend Stephanie telling Andrew he looks like a charpae.  I felt bad for him, he’s never hung out with us before and now he’s attacked.  I needed to quite puking and go chill with him.  But i kept puking.  All night.  it was uncalled for and out of no where.  I only had four beers.  I’m conviced it was food poisoning from the fries i ordered from the bowling alley.  I wake up on Amanda’s couch an hour before i am suppose to be at work.  I race home, and fall asleep.  Why did I fall asleep?  I am an idiot.  I call work to tell them i will be late.  I get in the shower to wake up.  I get clean, i go to my room, sit down for a minute and fall asleep again.  I wake up at 2:15 pm.  My shift was from 10:45 – 4:30.  I call Amanda who says no one’s said much about me not showing up.  I don’t call work, i was afraid of what they’d say to me.  My throat hurts all day from throwing up i think, so i play lots of Pac Man plug and play, taking it low key.  I watch a movie and get inspired to finish writing my book again. I eat a little dinner, but don’t have much appetite.  Plus my throat still hurts.  I watch a second movie, a bad movie and while i’m putting it in i notice my ring which i thought i’d lost on New Years is sitting behind a Zeppelin CD on my TV stand.  groovy.  Maybe that’s sign that everything will be ok?  Maybe.


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