The cast was set, the agenda was planned, and the costumes…..lets just say I took 6 pairs of shoes.  You never know what you’re going to need when you visit Muncie.  The home of Ball Sate University and a slew of old memories.  The whole crew united for a special reason, the return of Aubrie “Queen of the Zeppelin” Aurand.  Beth “Safety Dance” Harsany, Patrick “Strictly Straight” Irish, Lindsey “GAP Princess” Schuyler, David “my 309 husband” Greenwalt, Lindsey “Big boobs, great laugh” Kinder, Brian “insert random comment” Wilsom, Andrew “photographer hottie” Brooks, Kevin “the other cute twin” Brooks, Geoff “Step-Dad” Ray, Anna “the snake charmer” Frasier, Sarah “Adam doesn’t know her last name” 😦  Mike “I’m good in bed” Sierra,  and Jacob “Hot and High” Fike.  Anyhow, these people, plus a few extra’s, helped make Adam “Life in statsis” Moschell’s weekend become a damn good party.   I have so much say about it all……

     Your face popped up and I couldn’t help but miss it.  Endless laughs, outrageous comments, and of course plenty odd moments where we realized that one night can fuck up a lot of stuff but still be recovered from.

    If I only had a vag…..i’d be crazy style on you.

    You taught me how to bong a beer, a trait which is on the third page of my resume.  thank you so much, we don’t see each other enough.

    We are so over it.  and to be honest, i can’t believe we fell.  Oh well.  Sorry to have leeched to that dream forever.  I’ll always know that you want the best for me and would never forget about me.  thanks.

    Hi, it’s been a while.  I hope you know it’s just how I let go of my sexual frustrations.  I’ve been single forever, literally, and you’re awfully close and accepting of our relationship.  I’m still holding out to get lucky one day.  lol, i am pathetic, laugh it up.

    We could live on an island together and never stop talking.  It was great to see you, though slightly odd.  Are you sure everythings going ok?  You seemed off a bit.  I’m here for you.  Lots of love.

    I guess it’s just a realization at times.  Not a bad one, just a new side.  It’s all good.  We’ve got a long way to go together.  I’m excited to keep learning more about you and growing up with you.

    You have a talent and it’s beauty.  Please keep being you and remember, you could have it if you tried to get it. 

      We probably have way more in common then we’ll ever know.  I think that’s why I shy away.

    When i met you it was an added bonus, and you’ve yet to let me down.  Hillarious and always caring.  Plus, you have stones.  Not everyone can lug a couch up three flights of stairs while being drunk and high.

     I think you were starring back at me when i was having my moment with you.  You’ve peaked my interest.  I think you should give them up.

    I’ve honestly missed you more then i thought i ever could.  It’s insane, really, to see how time changes everything.  I’m really proud of you and I hope to be all big in the business one day.  We’ll be doing lunch and stuff i bet.

    Your learning a lot right now i think.  And growing up some more.  I’m sorry about everything.

     Still very original and very yourself.  Don’t change, but do move on from her.  She’s busted.

…………………..and that’s what i thought about it all.  Catch on the flip side dudes!


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