Thieves and Hearts

What do I want from you, oh boy
You’re asking far to many questions
It’s really just some clever ploy
to get some very honest affection
all I wanted was a best friend
who’d be better then the best
all you needed was a loose end
to find your way back to the nest

CHORUS: I know I’m coming on strong
but your not rejecting all my pleas
I feel like it’s coming along
going through motions to get to the steal
of your heart, it’s a start,
even thieves must start with somebody’s heart

What do I want you to say, oh boy
it doesn’t matter I’m faster with replies
I try my best to always annoy
but you perceive it as trying to get a ride
over and under, you follow me
like lightning and thunder, it’s chemistry
people are talking
we’re both on their minds


I put a picture of you above my desk
at night I sleep uncomfortably, I cannot rest
because I’m alone, I still have this goal
it’s an emotional toll that looks just like you



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