“He has a good heart, he is a good person, I think he can still be saved.”   What is that supposed to mean?  How can one person be so fulfilling for you, but so gut wretchingly cruel at the same time?  I mean, don’t you get it?  Why is it so bad?  How can you respect or follow this way of life when it is so contradictory.  I’m a good person, but i’m most likely going to rot in hell.   I’m sorry, but I have no understanding of why some greater power who has the ability to create the cosmos would give a shit about who I sleep with.  seriously.  If he’s that petty then why did he create diversity?  Why create us at all?  And what on earth makes you think you’re so right about everything?  Why do you think your certain religion has it all figured out absolutely?  Ordinary men came up with your religion just like all the rest.  Ordinary men who aren’t perfect, who have flaws, who makes mistakes and who can be petty and judgemental.  


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