SO I’m in the running for a position as a copywriter at an advertising agency in Fort Wayne.  I don’t have the job, or any interview, but I have been informed that my resume is in the keep pile.  It’s time for me to be creative.  It’s time for me to start writing.  It’s time for me to do this.  hold on, someone’s knocking on my door…….


…………ok, i’m back.  It was opportunity.  He’s doing good by the way, and plans on visiting you all soon.  Hopefully you’ll be reasy, and hopefully I am too. 

    Life has been a good ride lately.  I’ve seen my friends A LOT.  Chilled with a wide variety of people.  and I think I was to throw a party.  Maybe in the spring when it gets nice outside.  I’m truely blessed with the people in my life.  None of my friends have ever given up on me.  I am constantly getting love from them.  I think.  Howl at the Moon this weekend was amazing.  I’m so glad I went, but so sad that I wasn’t very social.  But what can I say, my voice was 3/4 of the way gone.  oh well.  Amanda and Rachel have been a blast lately and it’s so great that we can all go the bars together now.  on top of this, I chilled with the fam at Big Daddies the other day.  Good stuff there, really.

    It’s been called to my attention that some people think I’m an athiest.   That I don’t believe in god.  That’s not true at all.  I totally believe in a greater power.  It’s only logical.  There is a beginning of the universe and an end, so the begining had to have at least one character, the creator.  The author of this epic tale we call life.  The composer of this historic symphony.  The weaver of this mosaic tapestry.  The cook in the kitchen making the feast.  The whore on the streets making the babies.  however you want to look at it.  I do believe in this powerful being, but what I don’t believe are the constraints man has put on him or her or it.  We just don’t get the big picture yet.  None of us do.  There is no way we can comprehend or guess what we can’t see or understand.  Sure you can have faith in the words of your forefathers or religius leaders, the apostles or diplomats or prophets or whatever, but in the end there were all still just men and women who had flaws.  Who had beliefs in something.  And that’s a quality I admire.  To be able to hold on tightly to a belief is amazing, but to be able to let go, to be able to explore and question is extremely brave to me as well.  random rant there, sorry.

      I can think of 3 guys i’m interested in right now.  One of them called me twice this weekend to talk. That’s amazing to me.  I’m so easily pleased.

    and last but not least, i’ve realized i’m doing it again.  and I realized it because of my hair.  My hair.  It’s getting long.  It’s getting sloppy and I’m just not caring about it, and i know this sounds trivial, but it means something is going on with me and i have three words that i am going to try extensively to focus on for the next week.  JUST SAY NO!

*EDIT EDIT*  I’ve just come back in from a walk and my mind just flowed freely while I was out there, thought I’d share what i came up with.

 – I create my best songs when I’m just making them up on the spot and not writing.  Just humming a tune, then adding in the story.
– I want to send in an advertisment for myself to this agency as a creative endeavor.  Always Different Acronyms in Mind.
– Walking at night makes you look like your up to no good, esspecially when you’re wearing a black sweat shirt.
– I stop being friends with people when they don’t seem to need me anymore.
– I will never be suprised if I see a clown standing down inside a sewer drain.  Thanks a lot IT
– Windchimes are creepy and beautiful at the same time.
– When I go on my “walks” I always go on the same route.  It’s a penance for something I did a long time ago.
– My favorite boy band was probably 98 degrees.  I really liked “Hardest Thing” and “Invisible Man”.
– I want two dogs named Jubilee and Zoso.


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