you say hello, and I hang up the phone
a little after, I realize that I’m still alone
it’s all new to me, having someone follow rules
I’m patterned after something made of burning blues
So if I seem to spiral, grab a hold of something
If I’m a naieve child, then hold my hand and help me

CHORUS:  you have a job now you know
It’s to lift me out of this damn hole
you showed me something I’d not seen before
so teach me all you know, teach me all you don’t
you have a job now you know
so don’t quit on me, don’t go.

I say hello, please don’t hang up the phone
I had a dream, but I woke up in a war zone
my façade is fading, what’s the use in waiting
take off my mask and see the sidekick you’ve been dating
So I’m not a hero, but still hold on tight to me
cause I can’t fall anymore, there’s nothing lower than me


I’m not at all who I’d like to be
I’m just some broken down machinery
these gears have spun this way before
and nothings changing but my torn up mind
seems to always find, some hope to climb up on


please say hello, please say you know.


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