Tapes are due February 13th for Real World season 19.  I’m going to put one together tomorrow.  If i can just highlight some of my more interesting qualities i am sure i can be a candidate.  I mean, i’m not extremely attractive or anything, but i’m very interesting.  I like to write about people I know and absorb all the information i can about them.  It’s easy for me to write people off based on stereotypes.  I am a virgin gay male who is 23 (that should be enough right there).  I have an impulse to be attracted to straight guys instead of gay guys.  I don’t get along with foreign people that well.  I am very limited in who i am friends with.  I am gossipy.  I love to talk about myself.  I mean, I am an ideal cast member.  This is one of my last chances to be on the show.  I hope i make it.


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