I’m most comfortable being the villain, the victim or the sidekick.  Never the hero.  That’s too much to ask of me.

   The villain always has an excuse.  He’s been abused, he’s has an alterior motive, he has an altenate view point which makes since, or he’s just delusional and psychotic.  The plans he makes don’t have to work, he can be stopped, because that’s what hero’s do.  He also doesn’t have to care about others.  That’s what makes him nasty, scary, and ultimately dangerous.  They have the best back stories and the most tragic of endings usually.

   The victim is helpless, unintentional.  He doesn’t have to take the blame, it’s the villains fault.  He doesn’t have to save himself, that’s the heroes job.  He may have stumbled into the situation in the first place, but it was all in the name of writing a wrong or solvign a mystery. 

    The sidekick is the best I can manage.  He’ll give the credit to the bigger cheese, but his contribution is still essential.  He ususally has a better costume then the hero, and he usually is more exciting.  The most interesting part about the sidekick is that they sometimes get overlooked by the hero, they gey abused, and become villains themselves.  It happens often.  or they can be th victim, used against the hero.

  The hero, now that’s a whole new story.  Everyone is depending on you.  The victim, your sidekick, even your villain.  It’s too much, and I don’t think I can handle it.


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