41 days

It’s been 41 days since I started playing these games in my head
It’s been 41 days since you first responded to all of the things that I’ve said
I’ve had 41 eye openings littered with broken dreams all of them featuring you
It’s been 41 days since I started being a fool

I can’t believe that with so many people telling me that I was wrong
That in 41 days I’ve earned the right to sit down and write this song
I have my doubts in this creature called love, but maybe it’s just immature
It’s been 41 days days since I realized nothing’s for sure.

And in 41 days I can’t explain a damn thing that I have learned
Cause in 41 days all my emotions have tumbled and turned around you
I’ve had 41 night where I felt alone, including the ones spent with you
And that’s 41 times where you missed your line, the one where you say “I love you”

This day is so wonderful
For five minutes I think I felt free
I didn’t believe in a miracle ending
Happening for you and me
But moments are fading, and nothings for sure
And I believe day 42, could finally maybe mean
Something that’s good could come out of me loving you.


(I can’t decide if it’s a song or a poem.  thoughts?)



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