So i noticed that the majority of my posts have been songs and what not lately.  Sorry to be so impersonal.  it’s just been a hectic time for me.  I’ve started another job, been looking for a better job, i’m considering moving, and I’m closing a relationship.  That’s a lot to do in a month, but it’s all on my plate.  And none of it’s going well.  At all.  My current job at Uno’s is getting tiresome and almost insulting.  My new job at Big Daddies, while providing me with lots of extra cash, is drainging me entirely when added to my normal work load.  It’s insane.  It also cuts into some valuable job searching time. 

To add to this lack of hope and energy, Zach is moving back to Michigan.  He was going to school in Indy, so the summer is taking him home and away from me.  It sucks, but what can I do?  He doesn’t even knowi if he’ll be back next year.  Oh well, did someone say roadtrip?   I doubt I’ll be able to drive though, considering my car has an oil leak.  it needs fixing, before i move.  And then if i do move, it seems I will be living far away from my jobs because that’s where everyone else wants to live apparently.  I may have to re-think this.  i can’t spend that much money on gas and put my car through that much driving.  Plus, i hate wasting time in the automobile.  and driving 30 minutes to work everyday is not my idea of a good time.  There are better alternatives.  but i need to move, immediately.

So basically I have plenty of money, but no energy or time to use it.  and I feel like I’m loosing control of my future.  So life sucks pretty much.  boo.


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