Hello reality check.  I guess it’s what I needed though.  Time to put the front back up.  Time to get over being mopey and lonely.  Who needs that anyway.

   Things are moving along a spectacular pace here in the world of Adam.  My 24th birthday approaches this Thursday.  I don’t have plans yet, I never make birthday plans till that day, and then it’s usually just drinking at some bar, but oh well.  I don’t know what to expect this year, usually birthdays are a massive dissappointment to me.  We’ll see.

    A week from today I am moving out of my parents house and into an apartment.  I’ll be moving into Lakes of Windsor with Patrick.  The move should go smoothly since half of my shit is still boxed up from college.  My parents are chipping in and getting me a bed and a dresser, I already have two coffee tables and tons of lamps and shelves for the walls.  I have a recliner.  Patrick is working on a couch, and if not i have a back up couch.  All in all, we should have a pretty cool bachelor pad.  I’m excited about it.

  anyhow, that’s all I have for now.  be sure to check out my friend Missi’s Xanga, she just started typing in it more.  She lives in Oregon with my other pal Aubrie.  Check ’em out dudes.  Later!

   Things socially have been a blitz of late.  I’ve lost Zach (who was a good friend and a little more), Amanda and I’ve been on the outs mostly and it seems Big Daddies has been less and less entertaining lately.  I’ve branched out a bit, chilled with some new co-workers and i’ve tried to re-kindle old frienships, but nothings satisifed my intense need for social interacion.  I’m just always in the mood to be hanging out.  To make matters worse, my cell phone took a plunge into the swimming pool, so i’ve had trouble with communication in general, but the problem’s being fixed as we speak. 


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