Enough is enough.  I’ve been so pathetic lately, drinking myself into a lazy oblivion and acting like it’s not big deal.  I need to start working more on myself and less on my liver.  I’ve been hiding really, putting off emotions, responsibility, and it’s just time for this to end.  It’s time to get over Zach, time to start applying for job upgrades more frequently.  It’s bby far timei started writing more.  This whole brokenhearted bit has sucked me dry of inspiration.  

       Life’s been alright though for the most part.  My Led Zeppelin collection is flourishing with new additions including a wrist watch, a mirror, a light box and a new t-shirt featuring the Zeppelin symbols.  I don’t know what’d I’d be listening to without these guys.  Thanks Aubs for introducing us.  I have sadly lost my Zeppelin II CD.  It’s either at Amanda’s, my parents or it got left at Patrick’s cabin in Brown County.  I’ll have to replace it immediately.

     Uno’s is still hopping with a new GM and a lot of new servers.  It’s funny how the turnover rate is so high, but empowering to me because i’ve stayed for so long.  I know I know, it’s pathetic.  And I really can’t stand serving Chi Town Tasting Plates anymore.  But in the long run, it’s been a good place of employment.  I’ve met some good friends and I’ve definitely learned how to carry A LOT of dirty dishes at once.  On the flip side, Big Daddies has been interesting to say the least.  With the owners always arguing and the renovation underway, there is always some new form of entertainment.  I’m excited for the expansiona nd really hope they let me have some more shifts.

     The new apartment is flourishing well.  We added 4 fish to our decor, John, Jimmy, Robert and JP.  They’re red tailed guppys and totally know how to shake a fin when Zeppelin is playing.  I still don’t have my night stand from Ashley Furniture and it’s really pissing me off.  Not to mention, my alarm clock is taking a beating since i can’t reach it from bed and i usually just grab it and launch it across the room.  Our couch arrived fresh my parents home, our floors have maintained swept and our first rent is due on the 1st.  I’m such a big kid now.

     Well I think that’s enough for now, I’ll write more soon.  It’s time for me to.


It’s not anger at all.  I am not mad.  I’m just devastated.  It hurts and it’s just not fair.  I know I haven’t experienced a whole lot when it comes to long relationships, but this has all been far too painful.  I don’t think I want to have to experience such feelings again.  What makes it worse is that everytime I think I’m getting over it someone will ask me how it’s going with him.  And it just makes me think about it and miss him.  I have never missed someone so much.  I know I should be writing about something positive, my new apartment, developments at work, anything.  but this is all I can think about right now.