Giggz27: hello sir
Waka BAMM: what’s up
Giggz27: not too much
Giggz27: how are you sir?
Waka BAMM: bored today, but relaxed I guess.  Somewhat frustrated at my inability to produce any good writing.
Giggz27: that does sound frustrating
Giggz27: what are you writing for?
Waka BAMM: presonal growth i suppose, lol
Giggz27: haha
Waka BAMM: no reason, just tryign to write
Giggz27: just for you
Waka BAMM: seeing what i can come up with
Giggz27: yeah, it makes sense
Giggz27: do you wanna write a story or just poems and stuff
Giggz27: or whatever it is that will come out?
Waka BAMM: i find writing works best with no limits.  anythign you write can be fitted into a bigger piece later, and some things make stronger statements on their own
Waka BAMM: i wasn’t tryign to be lyrical though, if that’s what you mean
Giggz27: i think that was a good explanation
Giggz27: hm…what’s that like?  to sit around with the express purpose of trying to write something?
Waka BAMM: it’s like reading someone’s mind, only it’s yours, and your grasping to find connections, cause and effect, your trying increasingly harder to sort out a metaphor, a purpose for why things are the way they are.  and then you write when it all connects.  it hits, some link falls, like a drwbridge and you see the link.  you make it mean something by going into indepth detail or giving your reader somethign to relate to universally
Giggz27: interesting
Giggz27: do you ever just write it down before it connects… write out the pieces on their own before they become the drawbridge?
Waka BAMM: sure
Waka BAMM: free writing is amazing to work with
Giggz27: interestign….


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