So I’m online doing research for work, and the things I am reading have severely upset me.   We are working with a sports magazine targeted at coaches and athletic directors, so the content is a little thin anyhow.  I mean, how often can you debate whether coaches should yell more or coddle their athletes?  And to the further point, who really cares?  I certainly don’t.


            The article to really set ahead the blaze was erratically entitled “High school and middle school athletics: now is the time!!”   Unfortunately the urgency from the title didn’t’ carry over, in fact, the only urgent reaction this story I had was rolling my eyes.  It’s not aimed at coaches or ADs.  Instead, it’s about the fans.  It’s an article about how student athletes won’t become anything more.  The statistics given made me smile a bit:

Last year (2003-2004), 983,000 young men played football in high school. Only about 56,00 of them became NCAA student athletes, and just .09% was drafted by the professionals

            This sucks for the student who thinks he or she will make it, and I know we all have dreams, but DUH!  The article discusses how people who are fans at these games should act with better sportsmanship because these students aren’t even good athletes.  They are almost all kids who will go no where with sports after high school.   So what was the point of the article?  To tell people high school sports are dumb and not professional enough?  To treat high school athletics like a joke?  I am really not certain.  It’s a piece of crap in all honesty.   This article really sucked.  And what’s worse is I am stuck here at work researching the publication.  It’s full of dozens of thousands of equally pointless articles.  It makes me hate sports!

            In other news, I am looking forward to the Super Bowl with the Colts VS the Bears.  I won’t pretend to talk about who will win, cause I don’t know that sort of stuff.  I know I like beer, and beer and sports must go together (or else I get irritated with the pointlessness of watching a sport without a buzz).  Maybe they should start a sports magazine that infuses drinking into it as well.  That I may enjoy a little more.

            Work ramblings.


It’s Monday, and that means nothing can make the work day go by faster.  It’s depressing to know even when you’re done that you still have four days left.  Oh well, it’s not too terribly harsh, aside from the mornings.  The weekend went by way too fast.  I started a puzzle, had some drinks with a friend I hadn’t really caught up with in a while, got someone’s phone number and went on a shopping spree courtesy of my parents.  Nothing could be better then that. 


            I watched a movie last night called the Night Listener and I must say that it is highly recommended.  You see, this talk radio host starts talking on the phone to this boy who wrote a book.  The book is a memoir about how he was molested and raped by his parents for the first 10 years of his life.  The father went to jail, the mother escaped somehow, and the son was left scarred and in the hands of a social worker.  This social worker then encouraged the kid to write as a therapeutic release, and hence the book.  Anyhow, the talk radio how (played by Robin Williams) goes to visit the boy and things get really weird.  I won’t spoil any of it, just go watch it.  It’s bizarre, but in a good way.


            Other than that, I’ve been having a pretty good time lately.  I really think the cold needs to go.  I really wish I spent more time with my friends from college.  I really enjoy the footprints feature on Xanga and I really want to know who lives in Michigan that would be reading me.   I guess that’s it.

My father showed up at my office door this morning with a handful of mail for me.  It was mail from his house, which for some reason just isn’t finding my new address which I’ve had for over 8 months.  Oh well.  After rummaging through the stack and realizing that it was 90% garbage I proceeded to examine the few envelopes which remained.  One was label “Indiana State Department of Revenue.  This wasn’t going to be good. 


            I read the contents and laughed out loud, knowing full and well that I had made a moronic mistake.  I’ve been working since I was 15 years old, grocery stores, front desk, offices, etc.  Like a good American citizen I’ve filed my federal taxes and received an adequate return, but that just wasn’t enough to please the government.  The aforementioned letter revealed that I was ineligible to renew my liquor license due to irrefutable tax liabilities. 


            You see, while yes I have taken care of my federal taxes, last year was the first time I have ever claimed state taxes.  I know, I know, I’m a moron.  I was just too lazy to do it I guess, and I never made much money and no one ever said anything about it, so I just didn’t bother.  So now here I am at printing out old tax form from previous years and trying to figure out why the state cares.  I am not going to owe money at all.  They will just owe me, at least for three of those years.  My first year of failed tax submission will be held against me though and my return from 2001 will be invalid because I’ve taken so lo not finally file it. 


            I laugh at all this, A) because only I would be dumb enough to get myself in this situation and B) because the government wants me to file this stuff so that they can pay me money.  It’s senseless on their part really.  And if I had owed them money, they would have caught my error years ago.  Oh well.  I guess the moral of my story is you should never get a real job.  Then you’ll have to file taxes and it’s really a boring thing to do.

So yes, I am still alive.  And yes, I have started my new job.  Yes, I am enjoying it so far.  And yes, it’s been a dramatic change in the way I live.  Every morning is inspiring, waking-up in total darkness before the sun (6:40am), that hot shower that needs to be as hot as can be or else I’ll collapse from being tired, never eating breakfast, though I always say I will, defrosting my car as the frigid gusts of wind crack all the skin on my face, the drive in, with the millions of brake lights flashing red in front of me.  All day I sit in my office with a window and work on my computer, I chit chat with the office folk, I eat my packaged lunch, I dread the last hour of work that oozes by.  The drive home is quickly accomplished, but by then it’s 5:00pm and I realize I only have 5 – 6 hours of my day left to myself because I need at least 7 hours of sleep.

Socially my life is in plunders.  My first day of work, I got off and then drank until bedtime.  The second day I managed to swing by the comic shop after clocking out, but then headed back downtown for a work function, curling lesson at Pan am Plaza.  Now let me tell you, in case you’re ill informed, Curling is the most absurd sport I have ever participated in.  It’s a giant shuffle board game on ice.  You crouch down, launch yourself off this pad (called a hack) and slide your foot forward (while wearing a Teflon shoe).  You brace your good hand on this giant puck with a handle (called a stone) and support your other hand on a push broom (called a broom).   You slide the stone toward the goal (called he house) and be careful not to fall.  Now it’s on ice, so there are these two teammates who precede the stone with two brooms of their own, sweeping the ice and making it warmer, causing friction, which makes the stone move faster and further.  The team leader (the skip) waits at the goal (again, it’s called the house) and directs the teammates.  It’s out of control.  But that was my night on day 2 of my new job.  And I spent it with employees. 

Now, it is day three.  I trekked in today, tired as can be from hurling and getting up so early, and felt very motivated, ready to wake up and get going.  I completed all of my projects by 2:00 and felt proud to have finished 2 ½ hours early.  Unfortunately, my boss and the woman I get my projects from both left the office early for a meeting out of office and now I have nothing to do, hence this Xanga.  I can’t decide if the first chapter is sarcastic or not.  I can’t decide if I am enjoying this new job.  I am trying to, but it’s extremely boring so far.  Hopefully things pick up soon.

I miss seeing all of my friends everyday, I miss getting drunk whenever I want to, and I really miss sleeping in. 



     So I was going to write a year in review, go over all my past Xanga’s and such, but I have opted not too.  Most of them are about things I am not interested in revisiting in the least.  2006 was an odd year for me.  I felt displaced and constantly alone.  I dated a guy, got hurt.  I moved out from my families home and felt grown up and very independent.  I started a new job at a bar the opened my eyes to a lot of people but left me unable to connect with them because they were paying me to be there.  I bought a lot of stuff this year.  Cool stuff, but it lacks good conversation.  I made some new friends, one or two who will last a while.  I managed to get a job at the end of it all.  a real job.  A Big Kid Job.  and I wonder how this will change my relationships with my friends.  if at all. 

       My New Years resolution is to calm down.  Less partying, more chatting, more writing, and hopefully more sex.  Seriously, it’s driving me insane.  Thanks 2006 for all you were worth.