So I was going to write a year in review, go over all my past Xanga’s and such, but I have opted not too.  Most of them are about things I am not interested in revisiting in the least.  2006 was an odd year for me.  I felt displaced and constantly alone.  I dated a guy, got hurt.  I moved out from my families home and felt grown up and very independent.  I started a new job at a bar the opened my eyes to a lot of people but left me unable to connect with them because they were paying me to be there.  I bought a lot of stuff this year.  Cool stuff, but it lacks good conversation.  I made some new friends, one or two who will last a while.  I managed to get a job at the end of it all.  a real job.  A Big Kid Job.  and I wonder how this will change my relationships with my friends.  if at all. 

       My New Years resolution is to calm down.  Less partying, more chatting, more writing, and hopefully more sex.  Seriously, it’s driving me insane.  Thanks 2006 for all you were worth.


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  1. Funny…I was meaning to write a year in review too…we always dol. I haven’t got around to it either and I am wondering if I need to. Hmm… I guess I have the whole month of January to do so if I so desire. So happy you got a real job! Peace.


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