So yes, I am still alive.  And yes, I have started my new job.  Yes, I am enjoying it so far.  And yes, it’s been a dramatic change in the way I live.  Every morning is inspiring, waking-up in total darkness before the sun (6:40am), that hot shower that needs to be as hot as can be or else I’ll collapse from being tired, never eating breakfast, though I always say I will, defrosting my car as the frigid gusts of wind crack all the skin on my face, the drive in, with the millions of brake lights flashing red in front of me.  All day I sit in my office with a window and work on my computer, I chit chat with the office folk, I eat my packaged lunch, I dread the last hour of work that oozes by.  The drive home is quickly accomplished, but by then it’s 5:00pm and I realize I only have 5 – 6 hours of my day left to myself because I need at least 7 hours of sleep.

Socially my life is in plunders.  My first day of work, I got off and then drank until bedtime.  The second day I managed to swing by the comic shop after clocking out, but then headed back downtown for a work function, curling lesson at Pan am Plaza.  Now let me tell you, in case you’re ill informed, Curling is the most absurd sport I have ever participated in.  It’s a giant shuffle board game on ice.  You crouch down, launch yourself off this pad (called a hack) and slide your foot forward (while wearing a Teflon shoe).  You brace your good hand on this giant puck with a handle (called a stone) and support your other hand on a push broom (called a broom).   You slide the stone toward the goal (called he house) and be careful not to fall.  Now it’s on ice, so there are these two teammates who precede the stone with two brooms of their own, sweeping the ice and making it warmer, causing friction, which makes the stone move faster and further.  The team leader (the skip) waits at the goal (again, it’s called the house) and directs the teammates.  It’s out of control.  But that was my night on day 2 of my new job.  And I spent it with employees. 

Now, it is day three.  I trekked in today, tired as can be from hurling and getting up so early, and felt very motivated, ready to wake up and get going.  I completed all of my projects by 2:00 and felt proud to have finished 2 ½ hours early.  Unfortunately, my boss and the woman I get my projects from both left the office early for a meeting out of office and now I have nothing to do, hence this Xanga.  I can’t decide if the first chapter is sarcastic or not.  I can’t decide if I am enjoying this new job.  I am trying to, but it’s extremely boring so far.  Hopefully things pick up soon.

I miss seeing all of my friends everyday, I miss getting drunk whenever I want to, and I really miss sleeping in. 




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