It’s Monday, and that means nothing can make the work day go by faster.  It’s depressing to know even when you’re done that you still have four days left.  Oh well, it’s not too terribly harsh, aside from the mornings.  The weekend went by way too fast.  I started a puzzle, had some drinks with a friend I hadn’t really caught up with in a while, got someone’s phone number and went on a shopping spree courtesy of my parents.  Nothing could be better then that. 


            I watched a movie last night called the Night Listener and I must say that it is highly recommended.  You see, this talk radio host starts talking on the phone to this boy who wrote a book.  The book is a memoir about how he was molested and raped by his parents for the first 10 years of his life.  The father went to jail, the mother escaped somehow, and the son was left scarred and in the hands of a social worker.  This social worker then encouraged the kid to write as a therapeutic release, and hence the book.  Anyhow, the talk radio how (played by Robin Williams) goes to visit the boy and things get really weird.  I won’t spoil any of it, just go watch it.  It’s bizarre, but in a good way.


            Other than that, I’ve been having a pretty good time lately.  I really think the cold needs to go.  I really wish I spent more time with my friends from college.  I really enjoy the footprints feature on Xanga and I really want to know who lives in Michigan that would be reading me.   I guess that’s it.


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