So I’m online doing research for work, and the things I am reading have severely upset me.   We are working with a sports magazine targeted at coaches and athletic directors, so the content is a little thin anyhow.  I mean, how often can you debate whether coaches should yell more or coddle their athletes?  And to the further point, who really cares?  I certainly don’t.


            The article to really set ahead the blaze was erratically entitled “High school and middle school athletics: now is the time!!”   Unfortunately the urgency from the title didn’t’ carry over, in fact, the only urgent reaction this story I had was rolling my eyes.  It’s not aimed at coaches or ADs.  Instead, it’s about the fans.  It’s an article about how student athletes won’t become anything more.  The statistics given made me smile a bit:

Last year (2003-2004), 983,000 young men played football in high school. Only about 56,00 of them became NCAA student athletes, and just .09% was drafted by the professionals

            This sucks for the student who thinks he or she will make it, and I know we all have dreams, but DUH!  The article discusses how people who are fans at these games should act with better sportsmanship because these students aren’t even good athletes.  They are almost all kids who will go no where with sports after high school.   So what was the point of the article?  To tell people high school sports are dumb and not professional enough?  To treat high school athletics like a joke?  I am really not certain.  It’s a piece of crap in all honesty.   This article really sucked.  And what’s worse is I am stuck here at work researching the publication.  It’s full of dozens of thousands of equally pointless articles.  It makes me hate sports!

            In other news, I am looking forward to the Super Bowl with the Colts VS the Bears.  I won’t pretend to talk about who will win, cause I don’t know that sort of stuff.  I know I like beer, and beer and sports must go together (or else I get irritated with the pointlessness of watching a sport without a buzz).  Maybe they should start a sports magazine that infuses drinking into it as well.  That I may enjoy a little more.

            Work ramblings.


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