I can’t say Easter is a holiday i put a whole lot of thought into.  It was fun when you were little, egg hunts, candy, new outfit for church, etc.  But as a young adult it’s just not very encompassing for me.  And yes, I know Easter is about Jesus’s ressurection (sp?) and the forgiveness of mankind’s sins (which are plentiful) but that’s not something i care to digress into in a Xanga.  Anyhow, the topic at large is what Easter means to me, Adam J.  The answer is obvious….Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. 

   You see, Reese’s has been putting out tons of peanut butter candies for years.  The traditional cup will always make me smile with it’s orange wrapper and wax paper shell, perfect for Halloween too, but the fine blend of chocolate and peanut butter comes to a perfect yin and yang with the PB Egg.  The amounts just complement each other perfectly, and the spring time yellow of the wrapper is just joyous and jubilant.

    Reese’s has tried to reproduce this perfect unity with Holiday Reese’s Bells at christmas, but they just had too much peanut butter.  Then there’s the infamous Big Cup which just wins a resounding NO from me.  It makes me feel like I oredered a Super Great Biggie Meal from Wendy’s.  Foul.  You just can’t repeat the sheer perfection of the PB egg.  Be careful to watch out for imitations this easter as well.  The have the gross Marhmellow Reeses Egg and I believe a carmel one too.  (in green and pink wrappers respectively, btw).  And then there’s the Fun Size PB egg.  A close bet to the original, but not quite right.

    All in all, I have a feeling that Jesus would have loved a Peanut Butter Egg on his emergence from his tomb.  So, celebrate, enjoy Reese’s, and don’t listen to any fashion magazine that says thorne crowns are in this season.



“Fun & Games”

We sent in the army
They sounded alarms we
Saw it coming from a mile away.
We kept it off radar
Because we had to say our
Intentions were to save the day.

Why did you fail to see?

It was a gag
It was all for a laugh
And they were shocked and they were awed
and they were blown in half

Fun and games
We’re just pulling legs
We knew this barrel of fun
Would be a powderkeg

We kept it all long-range
and made a regime change
You’d have thought it would have been a gas
But when it got ugly
We sat around smugly
Because you bought our little joke en masse
Don’t look at me that way

It was a gag
It was all for a laugh
We knew your sons and daughters
Would be blown in half

Fun and games
We’re just pulling legs
We knew this barrel of fun
Would be a powderkeg

Put a smile on
We’re the ones that you selected
Leave that dial son
Because we just got re-elected
In a while our
Bill of rights will be rejected

and all the blame will be deflected
the forests will be unprotected
the nation’s poor will be neglected
creation myth is resurrected
a new salute is genuflected
a gallup poll will be respected
gallows pole will be erected
all this will go undetected

While you all slumbered
We sat and crunched numbers
Of all the causalities we could afford
There’s no need to draft them
You could hear us laugh then
The poor and black all need the room and board
Did I say that out loud?

It was a gag
It was all for a laugh
And now our very nation has been blown in half

Fun and games
We’re just pulling legs
We knew this barrel of fun
Would be a powderkeg

Oh yeah….

    And finally i get a sense of self-worth while at work.  One of my initial projects when i began working for the Red Cross was to watch local legislature for any new bills involving emergency care.  One such bill, HB1116, requires all teachers before getting a license to be trained and certified in CPR and the Heimlich maneuver.  For the Red Cross, this is a great thing.  We can voluteer our training services, therefore making money off people who have to get certified and possibly helping to save a life in the future.  Teachers should have to know this stuff if they are in care of children all day. 

    So anyhow, i got to spend a lot of time following this bill.  It passed through the House of Representatives and is now in front of the Senate.  If it goes through, I will have a huge success.  Let’s hope it does.

Friends: they are something everyone needs to survive.  They provide memories, laughs, hopes, needed assistance, a shoulder to cry on, someone to rely on, but what happens when you suddenly begin doubting some of your friends.  I have some friends who i severely cannot stand to be around anymore, but i don’t hate them.  Instead,  i just want to keep their memory of how they used to be and how our relationship used to be fresh while ignoring this new monstrosity he/she has become.  I have never been one to have an abundance of super close friends namely because i think that’s an oxy-moron.  If all your friends are super best friends then who are your aquaintences, your sometimes friends.  Everyone has these characters in their lives.  Maybe the idea here is to try and work out the diffeences between oneself and the no longer tolerable friend.  Perhaps, i have my own intolerabilities.  I guess i just have a lot of pent up thoughts about friends right now.  Where are some of these people who i though i was close too?  Why have some relationships died?  Why was i blinded to the truth of what some people were when i met them and now disgusted by what they really are?  i don’t know.

lost2sunlarge This is severely upsetting and way misrepresents her character on Lost.  Sun is my favorite and this action figure sucks.  and you know one her quotes will be “Sawwer, I nee ah pwegnancie tesz”

       The intrigue!  The adventure!   The action packed drama!   The island security system that’s made of Black Smoke but can take the form of anything it wants to from your past!  That’s right kids, LOST is back tonight and I’m so incredibly excited.  I am at work just ready to wet myself in anticipation.  I have the new season three poster ready to be displayed for the season premiere and I think I may pick up a new shelf for all the action figures.  Yes.  I have all the action figures.  And the puzzles.  And a home made t-shirt.  And…..so much more. 

     Work today has been exciting.  I did research on blogs.  Actually, i did research on non-profit agencies having there own blogs.  it ended up being me at work thinking about blogs while reading a blog about having a blog as a non-profit organization.  How could i resist not blogging about it in my Xanga.  Othere then blogs, topics of the day included which up-coming Tattoo conventions across the country we should market to and which states have laws requiring tattooists to be certified in CPR and bloodborne pathogens training.  Oh yeah, and Sudoku.  I love Sudoku now.  I’m gettin’ good.

      I guess that’s about all I have for tonight.  talk to you kids later