This winter is starting to really get on my nerves.  It’s so half-assed.  I mean really, enough of the flurries, the light dustings, the “few flakes”.  Look Ma Nature, if you’re goign to snow, just dump it down already!  I’d rather have insane snow cause then continual drizzles of individual flakes at a time.  It’s just unacceptable.  And if it’s not going to snow, just get on with the Spring.  Seriously.  Then I get to start wearing my track jackets all the time again. 

      So today at work has recieved mixed reviews.  It’s been entertaining enough, and I’ve had plenty to do, but I’m really ready for the weekend.  My office just feels confining sometimes.  I don’t like it.  On the plus side, all of next week will be filled with nothing but fun.  Sunday is the Super Bowl, Wednesday is the premiere of LOST, Tuesday is the Damnwells concert (if I decide to go, i’m torn).  Oh and by the way, the sun is shining outside now.  This weather suffers from multiple personality disorder.  Someone end the non-sense.


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