The intrigue!  The adventure!   The action packed drama!   The island security system that’s made of Black Smoke but can take the form of anything it wants to from your past!  That’s right kids, LOST is back tonight and I’m so incredibly excited.  I am at work just ready to wet myself in anticipation.  I have the new season three poster ready to be displayed for the season premiere and I think I may pick up a new shelf for all the action figures.  Yes.  I have all the action figures.  And the puzzles.  And a home made t-shirt.  And… much more. 

     Work today has been exciting.  I did research on blogs.  Actually, i did research on non-profit agencies having there own blogs.  it ended up being me at work thinking about blogs while reading a blog about having a blog as a non-profit organization.  How could i resist not blogging about it in my Xanga.  Othere then blogs, topics of the day included which up-coming Tattoo conventions across the country we should market to and which states have laws requiring tattooists to be certified in CPR and bloodborne pathogens training.  Oh yeah, and Sudoku.  I love Sudoku now.  I’m gettin’ good.

      I guess that’s about all I have for tonight.  talk to you kids later


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