Friends: they are something everyone needs to survive.  They provide memories, laughs, hopes, needed assistance, a shoulder to cry on, someone to rely on, but what happens when you suddenly begin doubting some of your friends.  I have some friends who i severely cannot stand to be around anymore, but i don’t hate them.  Instead,  i just want to keep their memory of how they used to be and how our relationship used to be fresh while ignoring this new monstrosity he/she has become.  I have never been one to have an abundance of super close friends namely because i think that’s an oxy-moron.  If all your friends are super best friends then who are your aquaintences, your sometimes friends.  Everyone has these characters in their lives.  Maybe the idea here is to try and work out the diffeences between oneself and the no longer tolerable friend.  Perhaps, i have my own intolerabilities.  I guess i just have a lot of pent up thoughts about friends right now.  Where are some of these people who i though i was close too?  Why have some relationships died?  Why was i blinded to the truth of what some people were when i met them and now disgusted by what they really are?  i don’t know.


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