I can’t say Easter is a holiday i put a whole lot of thought into.  It was fun when you were little, egg hunts, candy, new outfit for church, etc.  But as a young adult it’s just not very encompassing for me.  And yes, I know Easter is about Jesus’s ressurection (sp?) and the forgiveness of mankind’s sins (which are plentiful) but that’s not something i care to digress into in a Xanga.  Anyhow, the topic at large is what Easter means to me, Adam J.  The answer is obvious….Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. 

   You see, Reese’s has been putting out tons of peanut butter candies for years.  The traditional cup will always make me smile with it’s orange wrapper and wax paper shell, perfect for Halloween too, but the fine blend of chocolate and peanut butter comes to a perfect yin and yang with the PB Egg.  The amounts just complement each other perfectly, and the spring time yellow of the wrapper is just joyous and jubilant.

    Reese’s has tried to reproduce this perfect unity with Holiday Reese’s Bells at christmas, but they just had too much peanut butter.  Then there’s the infamous Big Cup which just wins a resounding NO from me.  It makes me feel like I oredered a Super Great Biggie Meal from Wendy’s.  Foul.  You just can’t repeat the sheer perfection of the PB egg.  Be careful to watch out for imitations this easter as well.  The have the gross Marhmellow Reeses Egg and I believe a carmel one too.  (in green and pink wrappers respectively, btw).  And then there’s the Fun Size PB egg.  A close bet to the original, but not quite right.

    All in all, I have a feeling that Jesus would have loved a Peanut Butter Egg on his emergence from his tomb.  So, celebrate, enjoy Reese’s, and don’t listen to any fashion magazine that says thorne crowns are in this season.


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