I NEED to find a roommate


My Cell Phone is Emmitting Radiation

   So, I plugged my cell phone in to charge last night before I went to bed as usual.  This mornin, I go to use it and the stupid thing is shut off.  I turn it back on, but it freezes on the stupid Samsung welcoming screen.  My exterior display is solid white and lit up.  Of course I tried the usual, take out the battery, remove the sim card, throw it off a two story building in hopes of jiggling the problem away, but none of the worked.  So I got online

   The messages boards at Cingular and Samsung are terrifying to say the least.  I quickly realized that everyone on their was mentally insane, most likely from trying to solve problems with their own cell phones.  Anyhow, the most popular suggestion was to let my phone stay un-plugged form the charger, but still turned on to the welcome screen.  Apparently some peoples phones began operating correctly when this happened.  So, I am doing just that.  It’s been on for about an hour and when I last went to check on it the phone was really warm.  It’s on my desk and I am 94% sure it’s rendering me sterile as I am typing this.  I want it to explode so I can claim I am scared and go home from work early, and also possibly win a lawsuit against not only Samsung but Cingular as well.  It’s possible. 

   In other news, I am broke this weekend, so if anyone wants to just come over and hang out, call me.  Talk to you kids later!  I just realized, you can’t call me, so just show up.  Or e-mail me or IM me or something.

Because I drank Patron.

    Like most Saturdays, I got up and got ready for work.  It’s a bummer really, having to work all week at my job, getting up at 6:30 and dealing with traffic, and then not getting to enjoy two weekend days of not getting up early.  Granted when I work at Big Daddies I don’t get up till 9:15, but that’s not the point.  Anyway, I worked all morning and it was very dull.  Slow business due to the cancelled poker tounarments.  I’m not liking the decline in tips.  I got off work and sat at the bartop, checked me phone and found something suprising.  A phone message from Anna Frasier.  Now I haven’t seen her in a while, so I called back immediately and the plans were made.  I would be going out downtown with Anna, Sarah and Megan Wheat who was in town visiting.  I waited a little longer at Big Daddies, sang a song with the band (Pink Houses by John Cougar) and headed off for what would be an excellent adventure.

        We started out at The Slippery Noodle Inn.  Now I always love going to this place because there are a million different rooms it seems.  I always feel like I am somewhere new.  The girls were there along with Anna’s roommate Brian, his friend….uhm…..lets call him Seth, and a girl named Stephanie.  Upon my arrival, Sarah felt it necessary to start everything off with Patron shots  UGH!  I just don’t do tequilla.  This night would be an exception and while I didn’t think I’d be able to contain myself, I did.  This was quickly followed by a Buttery Crown shot, a Jager Bomb and beer.  The place was packed of course for the weekend, and Seth felt it was essential that we move to an outdoor table.  We re-congregated and I laughed hopelessly at Stephanie who spilt the same beer at least 4 times.  Anyhow, our new table was drenched so we left.

       Our next stop was infamous “Six”.  Talk about a dump.  I was worried at first because I had on tennis shoes and jeans, so did Anna’s roommate.  Seth started talking to the girl at the door, and suddenly I had on a “Milk Bar” wrist band.  I walked in to what seemed like a pretty boring place.  No one seemed to be having fun here.  I followed Seth into the supposed “Milk Bar” private area and waited for drinks.  Someone bought me one, but the beers were extremely over priced.  Everything in the room I was in was white.  The leather couch, the bar stools, everything.  I leaned against one of the couches while talking to Sarah and I was told I wasn’t allowed to lean there.  You must be kidding.  I then noticed the actual couch had burn marks all over it from stupid idiots dropping their cigarettes on it.  This place sucked.  Rude security, burnt couches, over priced drinks, bad music.  Nothing was hip in this place.  I announced I had to leave, this place was jank. 

      We wandered out into the street where we realized we had lost Brian and Seth, but gained some chick named Kimmy.  She led us to a place called “The Wild Beaver” whose name alone made me think it was a lesbian bar.  It wasn’t, and actually looked more like a Lumber Jacks lodge.  This place was cool.  They had good music, corn hole on the sidewalk out front and outdoor tables.  I sat outside with Sarah and Kimmy while watching the others toss beanbags at the corn hole game.  Kimmy started talking about one her friend, a gay guy whose parents hated him.  She insisted that my parents must hate me, and I stopped her.  My parents love me.  Not all gay people have the same family problems.  She got pissed at this comment and began to cry.  I was just as confused as you are, really.  She started yelling.  “You are an un-caring bastard.  My friend has such a hard life.  He found out he is dying of AIDS you jerk!”  With this, Kimmy stood up, walked over to me, shoved my barstool over and ran down the road screaming in tears.  I stood up, brushed myself off, looked at everyone who was just as bewildered as me and then drank my beer.  The manager asked if I was ok and got me a free beer, and Kimmy was never seen again.

       We left the Beaver because it was last call.  I had no clue what time it was.  We headed for the next bar, i can’t remember what it’s name was, but there was lots of red lighting.  I feel as if I saw someone I knew there, but I can’t really remember.  Brian met back up with us and I convenved at a table, enjoying the final hours of our intoxicated states.  The bar closed, we caught a cab and went to Anna’s.  Once there I insisted on leaving for home.  It was a small debate, but of course I won.  I had to walk about 15 minuts to my car.  I found it and turned it on, it was 5:15.  I laughed and began driving, probably not a good idea, but I did it anyway.  I arrived home, went to bed and that was my Saturday night.

    St.Patrick’s Day ’07 was a total success. Well, except for the bar not getting very busy until late in the day and hence less money for me while I was working.  Anyhow, I managed to get exceptionally wasted which is a good thing.  I hadn’t really drank all week since I had been so sick.  Unfortunately, elements of being sick are still lingering around within me.  I am getting extremely tired of blowing my nose and having so cough all the time.  To make matters wore, I am starting get headaches again.  boo for poor health.  I am at a loss as to how to fix this.

     I’ve started rewatching the first season of Lost and it’s so amazing.  I will never tire of this show, even long after it’s off the air.  On my lunch break I discussed it with a co-worker who only watches the DVD’s.  She’s a little behind, but it was a good chat.  My first EVER real “water-cooler” moment.

     I’ve been terrily concerned about my living arrangments for the future.  My lease is up at the end of May (or is it June?) and I will have to eithers A) Get a place of my own  B) Find a new roommate.  I think I would enjoy living by myself, seeing as how I enjoy my privacy and I’m really not home all the time anyway.  The only worry here is expenses.  I don’t think I’ll be able to afford the rent of a single bedroom apartment.  Roommate wise I don’t know who to talk to.  If I want a roommate.  I mean, people are in lease that all end in a variety of times.  I have discovered that if I share an apartment with someone they have to be clean and actually put effort into being a well groomed and maintained adult who lives in a nice home.  I can’t handle clutter everywhere or having to always do all the cleaning.  And it needs to be someone fun who wants to go out and do stuff, not just sit around all the time and watch tv.  So who knows what the options are.

    Work today has been productive.  I’ve pickes up some new e-mailing tasks that require me to answer questions from online course students.  Also, I’m in the process of developing an advertisement to run in Skin and Ink Magazine.  This should be good expeience.

   I guess that’s all I’ve got today.  I’m poor this week, which sucks, but this weekend I want to go out and do something unusual.

I hate being sick.  I am at work, feeling as if my head is going to explode.  My back is going to snap in half I think, my neck has been contorted awkwardly somehow, my stomach is doing gymnastics and my bowel movements are far too frequent.  On top of this, I am getting continuing cold chills that make me feel like an eskimo without a coat.  I really would love to be asleep or at least just watching TV in my bed.  I hate being sick.


If you feel as though you’re running in place today, don’t worry — it’s not your fault. The powers that be are holding you back right now, and you won’t make much progress in anything today. This is probably not much of a surprise for you, and you shouldn’t feel guilty if you don’t really care about getting ahead right now. Other people have been sucking the fun out of everything, and they have created this confused situation, not you.


      This is possibly the best horoscope I’ve ever had.  It makes me smile and feel good.

    I haven’t read a book in a while.  This to me, should be embarassing.  I used to have a book at all times on my night stand that I was plowing through, and for some reason I quit reading post-graduation.  Maybe it was the revelation that I would never HAVE to read a book for a class again.  Maybe it ws the thought that I had learned enough for now.   Maybe I just didn’t know what to read anymore.  In any case, the matter began upsetting me last weekend.  Now I do have a massive comic book collection and while I do count that as reading, it’s not the sort of reading I needed to be doing.  Where are the memoirs I used to love so much?  Where are the old clasic like Frankenstein that I would read and get a new understanding for?  Where is Brett Easton Ellis, one of my favorite authors? 

       I attempted to solve my dilemma by reading a book that had to do with something else I was entirely too infatuated with, LOST.  The ABC Tv show has me hooked, and there’s a book called “Bad Twin” which somewhat connects to the show.  It shares a few concepts and characters and I thought it would be a good bridge to connect me.  Needless today, the book is just sitting on my dresser, unopened.  disappointed in myself, I resumed by usual reading of comics, got bored, and began surfing the web.  Many people know that one of my favorite X-Men characters is Jubilee (she wears a HUGE yellow rain coat, too cool), who I discovered is featured in a new X-Men novel called “Dark Mirror”.  Feeling like a gigantic nerd, I drove to Borders and actually found the novel in paperback.   I was thrilled, I bought the book and it’s already been finished.

      Following the purchase of “Dark Mirror” I was given a coupon for Borders, so I returned and purchased the dining room table book “I like you” by Amy Sedaris.  It’s about throwing parties, and it’s hillarious.  If you love Strangers with Candy, this book will make you laugh outloud.  I got another coupon with this book, so I have decided to purchase two memoirs.  One by Amy’s brother David and on called “Running With Scissors” recommended by the fabulous Lindsay Schuyler.  I finally got my knack for reading back.  Awesome.