I haven’t read a book in a while.  This to me, should be embarassing.  I used to have a book at all times on my night stand that I was plowing through, and for some reason I quit reading post-graduation.  Maybe it was the revelation that I would never HAVE to read a book for a class again.  Maybe it ws the thought that I had learned enough for now.   Maybe I just didn’t know what to read anymore.  In any case, the matter began upsetting me last weekend.  Now I do have a massive comic book collection and while I do count that as reading, it’s not the sort of reading I needed to be doing.  Where are the memoirs I used to love so much?  Where are the old clasic like Frankenstein that I would read and get a new understanding for?  Where is Brett Easton Ellis, one of my favorite authors? 

       I attempted to solve my dilemma by reading a book that had to do with something else I was entirely too infatuated with, LOST.  The ABC Tv show has me hooked, and there’s a book called “Bad Twin” which somewhat connects to the show.  It shares a few concepts and characters and I thought it would be a good bridge to connect me.  Needless today, the book is just sitting on my dresser, unopened.  disappointed in myself, I resumed by usual reading of comics, got bored, and began surfing the web.  Many people know that one of my favorite X-Men characters is Jubilee (she wears a HUGE yellow rain coat, too cool), who I discovered is featured in a new X-Men novel called “Dark Mirror”.  Feeling like a gigantic nerd, I drove to Borders and actually found the novel in paperback.   I was thrilled, I bought the book and it’s already been finished.

      Following the purchase of “Dark Mirror” I was given a coupon for Borders, so I returned and purchased the dining room table book “I like you” by Amy Sedaris.  It’s about throwing parties, and it’s hillarious.  If you love Strangers with Candy, this book will make you laugh outloud.  I got another coupon with this book, so I have decided to purchase two memoirs.  One by Amy’s brother David and on called “Running With Scissors” recommended by the fabulous Lindsay Schuyler.  I finally got my knack for reading back.  Awesome.


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