Since I have a computer in front of me all day now, I find myself checking me our more and more message boards about stuff I enjoy.  Lostpedia has quickly become one of my favorite wiki websites which I frequently post on, and use the forums.  There’s even a really cute guy who posts on there, he talks to me online sometimes, he is from Rhode Island I think.  I also post at, but that forum is somewhat odd.  You can’t say anything negative or you get warning points.  It’s so ridiculous, how can you discuss with out disagreeing with people and saying negative comments.  It’s impossible.  That and I am 92% negative anyway.  They then call you a troll and issue points out to you.  I have 9 points, but the points don’t really do anything.  They don’t kick you off the message board.  It’s so stupid.  I am going to see how many points I can tally up.  I really need to get out more.

     In other news i think i may be a little sociopathic.


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