Another day, another dollar.  But at least today I am spending the organizations money.  We are purchsing stuff for trade shows, and it’s actually kind of fun.  Shopping legitimately for work.  I really appreciate all the potential business owners I’ve contacted too.  They all have been extremely polite and helpful, probably because I want to give them money.  But that’s how it goes I suppose.  I also like that I can do this communication over e-mail.  I really hate talking to people on the phone, be it strangers or clients or what not.  I like to be able to think and calculate what I am going to say, not just ramble on poorly. 

   So Easter Sunday was a total loss.  I went to the worst church service of my entire life.  The pastor was hyped up on speed and glitter.  This guy was all over the place, like Richard Simmons with a crucifix.  He stumbled multiple times during the service itself, messing up things like the Nicene Creed and the Lords Prayer.  It was trecherous.  The choir was also un-acceptable.  They should just not be in existence.  If I were Jesus and I rose from the dead and heard them singing I’d beg to die again immediately.  Oddly, my grandmother convinced both my sisters and my mohter and father to attend the service, so my whole family was there which was nice.  We were also all at the bar together the night before, also nice.  The difference being the pastor frowned at me when I asked for a Jager-Bomb at communion (not really people).  Anyhow, the church service ended.  I fled to my car and headed out to lunch where I drank till 4:00pm then went home and went to bed for the night.  Happy Easter!

   I must say that Wikipedia totally filled my day yesterday.  I was looking up stuff about Scientology, just because I was curious what the fuss was all about.  This is the most cracked out “religion” ever.  People go insane from it.  It sounds to me like they bathe you in radiation druing periods of the courses.  And they believe in Aliens who have lived countless lives.  And that psychology is evil.  Yeah, you have to give up your whole family and everyone who isn’t a scientologist to be part of the group.  And you have to basically never say anything bad about the group if you leave them. Or they sue you.  Or kill you behind the scenes.  What a fucked up scary bunch of freaks.  Scientology?  No.

    Other then that, my favortie shirt is reaching it’s last thread, literally.  It has 4 safety pins in it, a ripped collar and small whole by the bottom.  I still wear it though. 


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