So the Aprtment search is on, and the results are suprisingly good so far.  I realize I am a bit of an apartment snob, refusing to live in just any old hole.  A lot of it goes by location too obviously.  So far the contenders are…

Beechmill Apartments – Surround yourself in peace and comfort     Keeneland Crest Apartment Homes – Save up to $1,000* (they don’t even have a slogan!)  Autumn Chase Luxury Apartment Homes– Luxury living….without the luxury price!   Sundance at the Crossing – Simplicity    The Apartments of St.Andrews – 5 star living…..without 5 star prices!    Bexley Village Apartment Homes – Close to work, Close to play, Close to pefect.  and last but not least  Creekbay at Meridian Woods – Simple elegance and superb design…with you in mind.   

All the prices are relatively close, not too bad at all.  I am looking foward to seeing what they have to offer me.  The most scenic is surely Creekbay, as it has lots of trees and an actual creek in the middle of it.  It’s also the one that’s in the most remote location, which can be good and bad.  I can’t decide.  What do you think?  Base it on the slogans, say them loud and really excitedly to be fair to each of them.


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