Every year around this time I realize that there is one animal in this world I truely wish the powers that be had skipped over.  GEESE!  I hate them so much.  They waddle around, like overweight ducks, not quacking but making these god awful honking noises.  They’re ugly as sin, which is pretty damn foul.  There beady black eyes just ooze of evil and obvious satanic origins.  Their greasy hides make them look smooth, but have you ever seen a goose feather?  It’s looks like something that would fall off of Macy Gray’s head, a twisted, tangled, dead looking strand of BLEH!  And then there’s the attitude they have.   They act like they own the fucking world, just walking out into the middle of a busy street during morning rush hour or making a nest on top of your house.  this morning I went to leave my apartment and what do I find standing on the sidewalk between my car and the front door?  2 fucking geese!   One looked up and bobbed it’s ridiculously small head and proceeded to hiss at me.  I rolled my eyes, just shut the fuck up!  Then the other one gets all haughty and spreads its wings like it’s going to dive bomb me, please.  It began honking and just flapping, but not moving anywhere.  Fat ass probably couldn’t get off the ground.  Of course there was shit everywhere so I will have the pleasure of avoiding that this evening when I get home.  I hate them.  They are miserable stupid ugly ass stuck up water fowl that need to go.  NOW!  Anyhow, I was gratified when I drove into to work this morning.  Upon pulling into the lane that would merge me onto the interstate I noticed three dead geese off the side of the road.  I could just see it, they think they are all great and mighty, storming across the entrance ramp and BOOOOM!  They are taken out by someone who hates their vile exsistence as much as I do.  Serves them right.  I hate geese!


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