Just not right!!!

Many people question the name of my blog…..Shetlandponytastic.  It’s an old throw back to a pet I still wish I owned.  Needless to say, I was extremely distraught when I read this today…

Shetland ponies were first used for pulling carts, carrying peat and other items, and ploughing farmland. Then, as the Industrial Revolution increased the need for coal in the mid-19th century, thousands of Shetland ponies travelled to mainland Britain to be pit ponies, working underground hauling coal, often for their entire (often short) lives. Coal mines in the eastern United States also imported some of these animals.

This is cruel and disgusting.  Ponies being forced to live underground and drag coal!!!  What a cruel world! and on another note here is some fun stuff about gay giraffes.

Another function of necking is affectionate and sexual, in which two males will caress and court each other, leading up to mounting and climax. Same sex relations are more frequent than heterosexual behavior. In one area 94% of mounting incidents were of a homosexual nature. The proportion of same sex courtships varies between 30 and 75%, and at any given time one in twenty males will be engaged in affectionate necking behavior with another male. Females, on the other hand, only appear to have same sex relations in 1% of mounting incidents.[6]


One thought on “Just not right!!!

  1. I heard L-O-L-A Lola yesterday and thought of you. Aimee Mann…ugh! No comment. And I am sorry for the shetland ponies- thats sad. If it’s any consolation my favorite animal, the polar bear, is dying off because us humans are killing our earth. Fun. (Even though I drive my car EVERYWHERE… *sigh* )


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