And Xanga….

   My hands are numb because I’ve been folding brochures all day long.  Yes that’s right, I designed a brochure for the Red Cross on Water Safety, it’s quite lovely, but we printed them in house on special brochure paper.  This means they also have to be folded in house and we don’t have a machine that will do this for us.  Oh well, it’s only 500 brochures.  Things at the Red Cross have been iffy lately.  My boss seems to hate me, one of my co-workers and I had to have a closed door debate and I really just don’t fit in here at all.  I don’t like the product, I don’t care about health and safety and that makes my job difficult to be passionate about.  I don’t want to go back to waiting tables, so I guess I should dust off the old resume and start sending them out again.

     I am extremely excited about this coming weekend.  A gathering at Patrick’s is just what I need, with Linds and Beth and BW and maybe even 309.  The drinking will be absurd I am sure and I want to be me for a bit.  I feel like I am always either A) alone  B) at work being reserved and quiet C) at a bar drinking.  My life is limited it feels.  I wish Aubs could be at this gathering, it’d be awesome to see her.  I am hoping to get out there this summer, lets hope that goes well.  My moving date gets closer and closer, about a month away, and my birthday is next friday…25 years.  I’m sure it will be boring and unoriginal, and that could be ok this year I think.

    Well I guess that’s all I’ve got for now – Michigan – keep reading it’ amusing.


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