So I’ve been on Wikipedia, which is always interesting.  Now I know anyone can add stuff on their, but this stuff just made me laugh out loud, esspecially the one about body smells….

Physiological differences in gay men and lesbians

Recent studies have found notable differences between the physiology of gay people and straight people. There is evidence that:

  • the average size of the INAH-3 in the brains of gay men is significantly smaller, and the cells more densely packed, than in heterosexual men’s brains.[52][51]
  • the anterior commissure is larger in women than men, and larger in gay men than in straight men;[53]
  • gay men’s brains respond differently to fluoxetine, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor;[54]
  • the functioning of the inner ear and the central auditory system in lesbians and bisexual women are more like the functional properties found in men than in straight women (the researchers argued this finding was consistent with the prenatal hormonal theory of sexual orientation;[55]
  • the startle response (eyeblink following a loud sound) is similarly masculinized in lesbians and bisexual women;[56]
  • three regions of the brain (medial prefrontal cortex, left hippocampus, and right amygdala) are more active in gay men than straight men when exposed to sexually arousing material;[57]
  • gay and straight people emit different armpit odors;[58]
  • gay and straight people’s brains respond differently to two human sex pheromones (AND, found in male armpit secretions, and EST, found in female urine);[59][60][61]
  • gay men have slightly longer and thicker penises than straight men;[62]
  • finger length ratios between the index and ring fingers may be different between straight and lesbian women.[63][64][55][65][66][67]

Cognitive differences in gay men and lesbians

Likewise, recent studies have found notable differences between the cognitive features of gay people and straight people. There is evidence that:

  • gay men and lesbians are significantly more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous than straight men and women;[68][69][70] Simon LeVay argues that because “[h]and preference is observable before birth[71]… [t]he observation of increased non-righthandness in gay people is therefore consistent with the idea that sexual orientation is influenced by prenatal processes.”[51]
  • gay men and lesbians are more verbally fluent than heterosexuals of the same gender[72][73] (but two studies did not find this result[74][75]);
  • gay men are better than straight men at object location memory (no difference was found between lesbians and straight women).[76]


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  1. Universe has been fun, but it hasn’t gripped me the way Earth X did.  I guess it may have to do with my newness to the Marvel world, but I feel like the story isn’t as cohesive or easy to follow.  I’m still reading it voraciously, so I guess I’m enjoying it more than I might say I am.  I was planning to read Paradise, but the guy at the Comic Book store told me I should save my money- and that he was hugely dissapointed with it. 
    I didn’t know that you were into comics- I started reading for the first time after we graduated and am loving them.  Do you have any recommendations?


  2. Awesome.  I will definitely check them out!  I really enjoyed “The Watchmen” (can’t remember who wrote it) and really all of the Allen Moore that I’ve read.  So far I’ve only been reading trade paperbacks and novels because I hate waiting for stories to continue, but have tried to catch up on the “big” stories of the Marvel world- the phoenix saga, etc.  I don’t really know anything about DC.  Thanks for the recommendations!


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