So I watched the strangest movie ever last night.  It was called Chuck and Buck (which should have warned me it would be terrifying!) and centered around these two characters who were childhood friends.  Anyhow, they grow up and part ways, Chuck goes to LA and Buck lives with his mother in Oregon.  Suddenly the mom dies and Chuck comes to the funeral, sees Buck and introduces him to his new fiance.  This Buck guy then proceeds to show Chuck how his room is still the same afte all these years and he makes a pass at hime.  Chuck leaves.  Buck then takes all of his toys and stuff and begins stalking Chuck in LA.  It’s so creepy.  He even manages to write a play about their friendship and get it put on stage, to which Chuck attends and is horrifed.  It’s like some retarded guy is stalking him.  I am traumatized by this film.

       In other news, I have begun cleaning things out of my apartment so I can move at the end of this month.  I started with the fridge and my bathroom, throwing out empty bottles of draino from under the sink and old cartons of eggs that expired on Jan16th.  They were my roommates.  Next is the storage closet next to the entry.  It is full of my old VHS tapes and various bar decorations I’ve accumlated from Big Daddies. 


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