I attend my first Health and Safety fair for the American Red Cross tomorrow.  It should be an interesting day to say the least.  It’s only 4 hours, and I am going with one of my cool office co-workers so I am excited about that.  The real bummer about doing events like this is transporting all the materials.  We have 1200 brochures, 400 mouse pads, Candy, a giant table cloth and table banner, a table display which weighs more then me and who knows what else.  The event is taking place in a building on the circle, not exactly easy to navigate.  I have a feeling I am going to be carrying LOTS of stuff around the city.  It won’t be fun. 

       Other then that, things are transpiring pretty normally around here.  Yesterday I got to relax after work and play guitar hero with my friend Amanda.  She’s a natural.  My sister and I are supposed to be playing X-Men Legends this week sometime, but lord knows when.  These are the highlights of my life.  Sad. 


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