And what an eventful weekend it was.  Friday was loads of fun as I helped coordinate an event with the United States Olympic Commitee and the American Red Cross.  The event turned out extremely well and we fo ra lot of new business of out it.  I celebrated by going to Big Daddies and drinking naturally.  It was a great time, except for one person who felt the need to publicly embarass me.  Needless to say, I felt uncomfortable and left.   A few more drinks and then off to my apartment where I cleaned and watched movies  Saturday I worked at Big Daddies where time creeped by at the pace of a dying snail.  It was horrible and utterly unbareable.  It was all made up for though when I arrived back home and met up with the incredibly awesome Lizbian and Caleb.  We had an awesome time exploring “The Flannel Turkey”, a new lesbian bar.  We even joined the Gobble or Bust club.  Anyhow, we later ventured to Talbot Street, someplace I had never been.  I had a great time and really look foward to going back.  The night was awesome, aside from running into my annoying uncle.  After Steak N Shake it was off to bed.  I awoke in a daze and felt completely exhausted but knew I had another long work day ahead of me.  An open to close Big Daddies shift wasn’t what I needed, but after making around $200 I changed my mind.  Anyhow, I’m back to work at Red Cross and ready for whatever the week wants to throw at me.  I am suppose to go to a Led Zeppelin symphony concert on Friday, but I don’t have anyone to go with now.  Any takers?  Hope everyone had a great weekend, and remember even Shetlands love apple juice.


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