Well, here we are again.  How are you doing?  Seriously, play along, answer my question out loud.  NOW.  ok, anyway, works been brochure-maina lately.  I just don’t understand why people are calling me and asking em to attend a health fair that is the next day.  Don’t they plan ahead?  Wouldn’t you give me notice?  Sadly, I have to decline their offer of attendance and just mail them some…brochures, or literature if you will.  Red Cross is always something new, but it’s just not enough.  I am applying for new jobs daily now.

       I finally started packing up my apartment.  It’s gonna be a warzone there shortly.  I haven’t a clue as to what I am gonna do with some of the crap I’ve collected.  It just tends to pile up ya know.  I should really report that the ISO LedZeppelin show I went to was astounding.  When the vocalist started Immigrant song, I just thought of Aubrie.  Sing it outloud.  NOW!  AAAAAAHHHHHH.  It was an amazing event and I hope I get to see more like it soon.  I love outdoor live music.  It’s unbeatable.  After the show I had cocktails with some friends from college, it was nice to see these people and it made me wonder why I don’t do more with them or create a better friendship with them since we all live in Indy. 

      Other then that I think things have been pretty normal.  I have started to get people at Big Daddied to say Waka Bamm, it’s a great word to say.  Say it outloud.  NOW!  Thanks.  didn’t it feel good?  Well, I am off to continue my work day, possible karaoke tonight and possible Indians game as well.  I can’t decide.  I really need to go shopping and find a birthday present for my sister. 

    P.S.  Missi is by far my most frequent visitor to my Xanga.  thanks Miss!


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  1. Dude. I love your thoughts…. and it doesnt hurt that you are second on my favorites bar. : ) Keep em coming. Its summer now and I am bored out of my mind!!!!


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