I keep telling myself, Adam, tonight and all weekend you are going to sit at home and pack up things in your apartment.  I don’t want to though.  That’s no fun at all.  I’d much rather just go out and have a good time.  Maybe I could do late night drunken packing?  That could be fun!  Or I could have a packing party, just invite friends over and make them all pack my things for me while I supervise with a bull whip and martini.  Yes, that sounds much more fun.  Who wants to come? 

       Anyhow, I realized yesterday that trying to help people out can backfire on you sometimes.  Where is the reliability in the world?  I am scheduling new events for the Red Cross today which is a relief.  We need to get ourselves out in the public eye more often.  They have new Gatorade AM flavors.  Will this really make me awake in the morning?  Doubt it. 

    Alright, I gotta jet.  But one last thing, I looked up Shetland Ponies on wikipedia, awesome.  I got apple juice at the gas stationt his morning.  more awesome.  And 309 has a picture of himself in a Speedo on Facebook.  Not awesome.  I was quit terrified.


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