Ridiculous Rants and Ramblings

The Work-Place Bathroom

It’s never a comfortable thing to have to use the restroom somewhere other then in your home.  I like to know my surroundings while I make myself vulnerable.  Naturally, you can’t always have things your way.  This isn’t Burger King.  Occasionally one must break the shell, venture out into the world of public restrooms and endure the scrutiny.  This is why I find it very important to keep habit and ritual when using the work-place restroom.  I am at work over 40 hours a week, so when nature calls, I don’t plan on waiting till I get home.  I use the same stall everytime, but it’s an obscure one.  It’s not even on the floor where my office is located.  This gives me time to wonder around, take a break and just relax.  I use the basement restroom because no one is ever down there except for the janitor.  It makes it peacful, quiet and gives me the confidence I need to make a satisfying deposit. Not only that, but someone has begun to put nice toilet paper down there.  No longer will I have an abused bum, I now have the softness of Charmin grazing these cheeks at home AND at work.  I wish I knew who my mysterious benefactor was.

Physical because of Grafitti

Upon moving into my new apartment I noticed someone had signed there name on the wall by my door.  I hunched down, tried to make out the hand writing and rolled my eyes.  Lil Greedy was here.  That’s what is says.  I looked across the hall at the doorway there.  A repeat of the vandalism.  It looked trashy.  It was poorly written.  At least use some good caligraphy or something.  I immediately went and unpacked some white paint.  I covered both pieces of scripture, making sure to let “Lil Greedy” know that I was here now.  I went inside and continued to unpack, leaving about an hour later.  That’s when I noticed she’d returned.  She had re-signed the wall, over my paint.  Furiously I grabbed my paint again, re-covered the attrocious abominations and went on my way.  The next day I noticed it was back.  More vandalism.  It isn’t big, but it’s unacceptable.  I got a bottle of bleach and scrubbed the wall, removing the mess again.  Once again she competed with me and upped the assault, I think she used a Sharpee pen.  I bought a Mr.Clean magic eraser but it didn’t work.  I was devastated.  I repainted, thinking if she came back I’d just have to fire a rocket lancher at her face.  The only solution.  She hasn’t come back, but I have a feeling this story is far from over.

Project Runway (and everything else on Bravo)

For a while now I’ve heard people talk about this show.  I thought, god I’m so fashionable already that I doubt I need to watch amateurs bumble around a sewing room.  Was I ever wrong!  I started watching the Season 3 the other day because I had two hours to kill.  It was a marathon on Bravo, so I knew I could get in all the acion via my DVR.  This show is swesome.  The outfits are just amazing when they come together poperly and the ones that fail, wow.  Some of those people should not have been on there at all.  Needless to say, when it comes to Project Runway, I’m hooked.  I can’t take my eyes off the screen.  When it comes to fashion, one minute your in and the next your out, but I’m in on this show for the long run now.  Not to mention everything else on Bravo.  I watch it all, except for ‘Hey Paula’.  I haven’t stooped that low. 

That’s what I’ve got today.  Keep on keepin’ on.


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