We have a new co-worker and she’s incredibly disgusting.  this woman is monstrously big and it really grosses me out.  Her gigantic pouch of blubber that dangles down to her knees combined with her 1980’s stretch sweat pants terrify me.  She walks around the office panting, running out of breath and most likely about to die.  She told us the other day that just being outside exhaust her because it’s warm out there.  She talks to herself continually, telling stories about god knows what.  Her breathy side views are annoying, but whenever she strikes up an actual conversation it’s even more terrifying.  I got into a debate with her about religious schooling and she couldn’t even finish the debate because she was winded and needed to rest.  How embarassing.  And then there’s the smell.  I’ve seen two people spray the entire office with air freshner since her arrival.  It stinks because of her.  She stinks like a pile of rotting bile.  It’s disgusting and I should not have to work in such a vomit enducing enviroment.  It’s one thing to be over weight, it’s another to be uncontrollably huge, smelly and over all worthless to society. I’d shoot a scud missle at her, but I have a feeling it would bounce off her or be engulfed in her mounds of flesh and sweat.  Gross.


I have a small obsession with my own Generation Gap.  I am a member of Generation XY, it falls between the other two.  The class of 2000 and surrounding years.  In doing my research I’ve found a number of hopeful endings and a number of scary realizations.  People don’t grow up like they used to.  My generation has a lack of feeling.  These may seem like obvious things to some, but I’m very interested in it all.  I also read this, which traumatized me for a few minutes.

  • In the novel Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture, author Douglas Coupland defines “mid-twenties breakdown” as

    A period of mental collapse occurring in one’s twenties, often caused by an inability to function outside of school or structured environments, coupled with a realisation of one’s essential aloneness in the world. Often marks induction into the ritual of pharmaceutical usage.

  • Group Projects

    Remember how your teacher would preiodically blindside you by announcing that there would be a group test or project as a major part of your grade?  Your stomach spun as you immediatly looked around to see who would be in your group.  Who could you choose to team up with.  Sally is smart, bobby is a fast worker.  Yeah, that’s a good group.  Then you get the second bomb, you’re groups have been selected for you.  It’s a nightmare.  Suddenly your working with Mary who clearly doesn’t condition her hair and Johnny who has the intelligence of a dead earthworm.  You realize your going to have to fight your way to get an A, but you somehow manage to get though.  You give them reaponsibilities you don’t mind letting them do.  You work together.  That’s how I feel working with some people at my full time job though, as if I got the complicated group.  Everyone works differently.  Everyone has their own style.  You have to be comfortable with letting other people do things and letting go of some of the control.  That’s what working in a group is.  It’s fun if you trust each other, but when you hate everyone you work with and you think you’re better then everyone else then you have a problem. 

    A moment to breath……aaaahhhhhh!

               So things have been beyond busy lately and I can’t say I have any complaints.  I have been getting a lot accomplished and making good money.   Things at work are running particularly smoothly.  I have a trip comin up in a few weeks to attend a tattoo expo which should be cool and I start learning about the bookmobile too.  It should be a fun project to take over.  My other two jobs have been just as accomodating.  I’ve enjoyed waiting tables the last few weeks, it’s an easy break, it’s exercise and gives me a chance to be vocal with people.  Yeah, some of the new people who work with me are useless morons but I just tend ot steal their tables and ignore them.

           Other then that not much is going on.  I know, lame update, but I’ll try to add more later.

    More Money, More Problems

        So my reemergence at Uno’s Chicago Grill has been a critical success so far.  People seem to be glad I am back working and I have had no complaints about the two night I have worked.  It’s less tiring then it used to be, although the stupid uniform is as confining and uncomfortable as ever.  Who wears a tie and a long sleeved shirt while running around a kitchen and dining room?  Big Daddies certainly hasn’t decided to take any notice of my new employment.  I let the owners know, but they still want me to pick up shifts constantly.  Apparently I now have to weight tables on Saturday night there.  That makes my life a living hell from this past Tuesday – Monday at 5:00pm with a brief break on Wednesday night which I used to sleep, catach up on TV and read comics.  Working so much has certainly increased my levels of sobriety. 

        I’ve been taking some more risks lately.  I had lunch with a friend of mine from work.  I’ve been chatting with him for a while, he’s new here.  I wouldn’t say it was a lunch date, but we had a nice time just getting to know each other and basically metting each other outside of the work enviroment.  He seems like he’s really smart, very forward about things.  I like him, and he’s pretty cute.  On top of that I have been talking to this guy via Facebook who I had a lot in common with.  He ended up coming into Uno’s last night and eating while I was waiting tables.  It was good to meet him person and he seemed nice enough, but we really didn’t get to spend any time together.  He invited me out for drinks, but I was too tired after work to partake.  I took a rain check and did laundry instead.

       Tonight I am definitely having a few cocktail so if anyone wants to meet up at Big Daddies or elsewhere later just give me a call.

    Weekend Update with Adam M.

    The Apartment:   Things are looking good on the home-front.  I spent all day yesterday cleaning it (I mean vaccumming and dusting and everything) and organizing some random piles of junk I’ve had sitting around.  The Washer/Dryer is still inoperable but I have been told the timer (which was what was broken) has been ordered and is on its way.  I’ve done extremely well at keeping things neat and tidy (a major relief compared to where I used to live) and I’ve even spent time making my whole building more presentable.  Yes, I went out into the community hallway/staircase and wiped down the walls with my Mr.Clean Magic Eraser.  Those things are amazing.

    Work: With the summer rolling on by we have several big events coming up with my main job.  Working health fairs and going to conventions around the city is a definite change of pace that makes my day go by a lot quicker and allows me to spend time with other professionals.  I like getting out and meeting new clients, informing them about what we can do for them.  Big Daddies has also provided plenty of exctiment. I will be taking over my brother-in-laws shift of every other Sunday as well as working more when the Colts start back up.  I am ready for it.  I need the cash flow.  This week sees the return on Uno’s Chicago Grill into my life.  I am not looking forward to the uniform or smelling like a deep dish pizza but I am looking forward to seeing old faces again.  The schedule this week looks to be hectic so don’t expect me to make plans.

    Love: Yawn.  And that’s about it.   I seriously just don’t have the time or patience to worry about this area now.

    Dogs: I watched my sisters two dogs for this weekend and I had a blast doing it.  Max and Yoda are two entirely insane Boston Terriers.  They frantically bounce around while staring at you with the most sincere stupidity.  Yoda reminds me of the unstable hyena (Ed) from Disney’s the Lion King.  Anyway, the enjoyment and companionship of having them around made me think about getting a dog of my own.  I don’t know if I am ready for it.  My last adventure with a dog wasn’t so great, although it wasn’t really my dog and I didn’t like the responsibility that I hadn’t asked for.  Also, I wouldn’t get such a hyper breed of canine. 

    Money: I finally feel back on track.  Things got rough for a while there but I think I will be ok now.  I am going to start saving money so I can actually take a trip out to Oregon by the end of this year.  I realize I was suppose to go this summer but various delays and then getting all my vacation days ripped away from me due to my wisdom teeth removal caused me to re-think the whole plan.  I have a trip to New Jersey with work at the end of September, so I was thinking maybe an October trip?  Who knows.

    Online: I’ve realized my web surfing habits have increased lately.  I’m a slave to wikipedia, I shop e-bay constantly and I’ve been posting on message boards left and right.  It’s really not been an issue, but yesterday I went to and bought things from the Lost store.   Expensive things.  Pointless things.  A Lost themed Rubix Cube type of things.  Scary.

    Tropicana Fruit Squeeze: These drinks are amazing.  It’s basically just water with a little fruit juice flavoring but they are so hydrating and refreshing.  I prefer the Lime/Raspberry flavor myself but I’ll let you decide.

    How To Save A Life:  No, not that tired old song by The Fray, I am talking about CPR certification from the American Red Cross.  I took the online course and then attended a skill session to show my skills on a mannequin.  The skill session portion is really just a group of people working with a partner to learn different techniques of the Heimlich remover and placing people in recovery positions as well as learning CPR which is practiced on a mannequin.  I showed up for the session a bit nervous, then realized I would have to pick a partner.  I quickly checked myself over to see where I needed to aim my bar.  I picked the best looking guy in the class by far.  He seemed pleased with the pairing.  We had fun and made jokes about mistaking a drunk person for someone in need of CPR.

    Well, that’s all for now.  Keep rockin’ the free world and remember to spay or neuter your significant other because breeding is frightening.

    Romberg’s Disease

     just to clarify, this is what I have. PROGRESSIVE HEMIFACIAL ATROPHY
    A. D. HOLMES and A. R. KOLKER

    Progressive hemifacial atrophy often referred to as Romberg’s disease (or Parry Romberg Syndrome), is a pathological process involving progressive wasting of the skin, subcutaneous fat, muscle and occasionally, bones of the face. It was first described by Parry in 1825 and by Romberg in 1846. Eulenburg described the entity as “progressive facial hemi atrophy” in 1871.

    Incidence of progressive hemifacial atrophy is unknown but is relatively rare. Most plastic surgeons see less than a dozen cases in their working lifetime. It is unilateral in 95% of cases and is seen more commonly in females than males with a ratio of 1.5:1.

    The onset is slow and progressive and begins usually during the first two decades of life, more often between the ages of 5 and 15. The progression of the atrophy usually lasts from 2 to 10 years, following which the process seems to enter a stable or “burn out” phrase. Clinically, subcutaneous tissue and skin are initially affected. The earliest signs include subcutaneous wasting in the malar or lateral mental regions, but may begin in the brow and paramedian forehead (coup de sabre). Pigmented, atrophic skin is another sign of the disease in its early stages. Later, as the disease progresses, facial musculature may atrophy and bone hypopasia may ensue. The facial skeleton is more likely to be affected when the disease onset is in the first decade of life. When the disease is peri-orbital, it can be associated with ophthalmic manifestations, which can include papillary disturbances, exudative neuroretinopathy and optic nerve dysfunction. There can be underlying spasm of involved muscles (esp. the masseter) and there can also be CNS manifestations including learning difficulties, multiple migraine headaches and even epilepsy.

    Linear scleroderma “en coup de sabre” (or localized linear scleroderma) is a well recognized entity by dermatologists and rheumatologists. These specialists are less likely to see Romberg’s disease which tend to present to plastic or caniofacial specialists. There has been a debate (especially in the early German literature) about the connection of hemiatrophy and scleroderma for many years. This is important because most physicians believe that the course of scleroderma can be affected by systematic treatment. It is the authors’ belief that the 2 conditions are separate. Clinically, linear scleroderma may present in childhood and it involves intense loss of subcutaneous fat with ensuing thinning and pigmentation of the skin. It is commonly seen in the paramedian forehead region, hence “en coup de sabre”. If it overlies skull suture lines, these may be slow to close (or remain unclosed). However, one does not usually see underlying muscle or bone atrophy. The disease is more likely to start later in life and be progressive after the second decade. Patches of peripheral scleroderma occurring elsewhere on the body (usually the trunk) will clinch the diagnosis. Ocular manifestations are usually limited to atrophy of fat leading to enophthalmos but not neuro-ophthalmological problems. Underlying CNS manifestations are rare.

    Historically, chronically inflammation and scarring can be seen in skin specimens in both Rombergs and scleroderma. However, the dermal sclerosis is said to be more intense with scleroderma and in Rombergs disease the elastin fibres are said to be preserved. In addition, there is apparently prolonged nerve conduction in areas affected by scleroderma which do not exist in Rombergs. Anti-nuclear anti-body titres are often raised with active linear scleroderma, but rarely so with Romberg’s disease.