It could be haunted!

      I sit there intrigued, staring at the disemboweled image in front of me.  A piece here, a piece there, this puzzle is kicking my butt.  I’ve been trying to work on it for the last week, but without having a picture to follow and with most of the puzzle being a jungle-esque background I am finding it hard to concentrate on one area.  I suppose I could  have…TTTHHSSSSSSPPPPPOOOPP.

     What was that?  Must have been someone out in the hallway, maybe they are moving out or something.  I sit back and look at the image again, then at the television.  I’ve become a slave to various shows on FX such as Nip/Tuck and Rescue Me.  Nip/Tuck is excellent, but I can’t watch the surgeory scenes, they gross me out.  Rescue Me is so dramatic, I am constantly laughing at the unintelligent characters.  Luckily it’s almost September and with my DVR I am sure not to miss any…TTTHHHHSSSSSSOOPPOOOPPP.

     Ok, I think something just fell.  I get up and begin searching my apartment.  Nothing in the kitchen.  The bedroom closet is packed with stuff, nothing spilt here.  I walk to the bathroom, hoping to god my shelf in there hasn’t fallen.  It didn’t.  I suddenly smell something and notice some smoke.  I opent he door to the washer dryer slowly.  TTTHHHSSSSSPPPPOOOPPP.  Shit.  The drying is emmitting sparks from the back.  And the washing machine is running?  What the hell.  I haven’t done laundry since Thursday.  I panickd.  I opened the fuse box and turn off the power to the huge appliances.  Last week it was my garbage disposal on the fritz.  Then I came home to my home phone off the hook (which i never use).  Then I find my water running in the bathroom sink one day (this one I could have done), now the washing machine is running with nothing in it?  What is going on?


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