Weekend Update with Adam M.

The Apartment:   Things are looking good on the home-front.  I spent all day yesterday cleaning it (I mean vaccumming and dusting and everything) and organizing some random piles of junk I’ve had sitting around.  The Washer/Dryer is still inoperable but I have been told the timer (which was what was broken) has been ordered and is on its way.  I’ve done extremely well at keeping things neat and tidy (a major relief compared to where I used to live) and I’ve even spent time making my whole building more presentable.  Yes, I went out into the community hallway/staircase and wiped down the walls with my Mr.Clean Magic Eraser.  Those things are amazing.

Work: With the summer rolling on by we have several big events coming up with my main job.  Working health fairs and going to conventions around the city is a definite change of pace that makes my day go by a lot quicker and allows me to spend time with other professionals.  I like getting out and meeting new clients, informing them about what we can do for them.  Big Daddies has also provided plenty of exctiment. I will be taking over my brother-in-laws shift of every other Sunday as well as working more when the Colts start back up.  I am ready for it.  I need the cash flow.  This week sees the return on Uno’s Chicago Grill into my life.  I am not looking forward to the uniform or smelling like a deep dish pizza but I am looking forward to seeing old faces again.  The schedule this week looks to be hectic so don’t expect me to make plans.

Love: Yawn.  And that’s about it.   I seriously just don’t have the time or patience to worry about this area now.

Dogs: I watched my sisters two dogs for this weekend and I had a blast doing it.  Max and Yoda are two entirely insane Boston Terriers.  They frantically bounce around while staring at you with the most sincere stupidity.  Yoda reminds me of the unstable hyena (Ed) from Disney’s the Lion King.  Anyway, the enjoyment and companionship of having them around made me think about getting a dog of my own.  I don’t know if I am ready for it.  My last adventure with a dog wasn’t so great, although it wasn’t really my dog and I didn’t like the responsibility that I hadn’t asked for.  Also, I wouldn’t get such a hyper breed of canine. 

Money: I finally feel back on track.  Things got rough for a while there but I think I will be ok now.  I am going to start saving money so I can actually take a trip out to Oregon by the end of this year.  I realize I was suppose to go this summer but various delays and then getting all my vacation days ripped away from me due to my wisdom teeth removal caused me to re-think the whole plan.  I have a trip to New Jersey with work at the end of September, so I was thinking maybe an October trip?  Who knows.

Online: I’ve realized my web surfing habits have increased lately.  I’m a slave to wikipedia, I shop e-bay constantly and I’ve been posting on message boards left and right.  It’s really not been an issue, but yesterday I went to ABC.com and bought things from the Lost store.   Expensive things.  Pointless things.  A Lost themed Rubix Cube type of things.  Scary.

Tropicana Fruit Squeeze: These drinks are amazing.  It’s basically just water with a little fruit juice flavoring but they are so hydrating and refreshing.  I prefer the Lime/Raspberry flavor myself but I’ll let you decide.

How To Save A Life:  No, not that tired old song by The Fray, I am talking about CPR certification from the American Red Cross.  I took the online course and then attended a skill session to show my skills on a mannequin.  The skill session portion is really just a group of people working with a partner to learn different techniques of the Heimlich remover and placing people in recovery positions as well as learning CPR which is practiced on a mannequin.  I showed up for the session a bit nervous, then realized I would have to pick a partner.  I quickly checked myself over to see where I needed to aim my bar.  I picked the best looking guy in the class by far.  He seemed pleased with the pairing.  We had fun and made jokes about mistaking a drunk person for someone in need of CPR.

Well, that’s all for now.  Keep rockin’ the free world and remember to spay or neuter your significant other because breeding is frightening.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update with Adam M.

  1. Keep on Rockin in the free world! Ya Ya. I think October sounds splendid- or any month for that matter. ….Do you skii? Because you can always come in the winter too if you do. October is a hit or miss month with the weather- so you’ll have to be prepared for sunshining days and rain- all at the same time! 🙂


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