More Money, More Problems

    So my reemergence at Uno’s Chicago Grill has been a critical success so far.  People seem to be glad I am back working and I have had no complaints about the two night I have worked.  It’s less tiring then it used to be, although the stupid uniform is as confining and uncomfortable as ever.  Who wears a tie and a long sleeved shirt while running around a kitchen and dining room?  Big Daddies certainly hasn’t decided to take any notice of my new employment.  I let the owners know, but they still want me to pick up shifts constantly.  Apparently I now have to weight tables on Saturday night there.  That makes my life a living hell from this past Tuesday – Monday at 5:00pm with a brief break on Wednesday night which I used to sleep, catach up on TV and read comics.  Working so much has certainly increased my levels of sobriety. 

    I’ve been taking some more risks lately.  I had lunch with a friend of mine from work.  I’ve been chatting with him for a while, he’s new here.  I wouldn’t say it was a lunch date, but we had a nice time just getting to know each other and basically metting each other outside of the work enviroment.  He seems like he’s really smart, very forward about things.  I like him, and he’s pretty cute.  On top of that I have been talking to this guy via Facebook who I had a lot in common with.  He ended up coming into Uno’s last night and eating while I was waiting tables.  It was good to meet him person and he seemed nice enough, but we really didn’t get to spend any time together.  He invited me out for drinks, but I was too tired after work to partake.  I took a rain check and did laundry instead.

   Tonight I am definitely having a few cocktail so if anyone wants to meet up at Big Daddies or elsewhere later just give me a call.


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