A moment to breath……aaaahhhhhh!

           So things have been beyond busy lately and I can’t say I have any complaints.  I have been getting a lot accomplished and making good money.   Things at work are running particularly smoothly.  I have a trip comin up in a few weeks to attend a tattoo expo which should be cool and I start learning about the bookmobile too.  It should be a fun project to take over.  My other two jobs have been just as accomodating.  I’ve enjoyed waiting tables the last few weeks, it’s an easy break, it’s exercise and gives me a chance to be vocal with people.  Yeah, some of the new people who work with me are useless morons but I just tend ot steal their tables and ignore them.

       Other then that not much is going on.  I know, lame update, but I’ll try to add more later.


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