Group Projects

Remember how your teacher would preiodically blindside you by announcing that there would be a group test or project as a major part of your grade?  Your stomach spun as you immediatly looked around to see who would be in your group.  Who could you choose to team up with.  Sally is smart, bobby is a fast worker.  Yeah, that’s a good group.  Then you get the second bomb, you’re groups have been selected for you.  It’s a nightmare.  Suddenly your working with Mary who clearly doesn’t condition her hair and Johnny who has the intelligence of a dead earthworm.  You realize your going to have to fight your way to get an A, but you somehow manage to get though.  You give them reaponsibilities you don’t mind letting them do.  You work together.  That’s how I feel working with some people at my full time job though, as if I got the complicated group.  Everyone works differently.  Everyone has their own style.  You have to be comfortable with letting other people do things and letting go of some of the control.  That’s what working in a group is.  It’s fun if you trust each other, but when you hate everyone you work with and you think you’re better then everyone else then you have a problem. 


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