We have a new co-worker and she’s incredibly disgusting.  this woman is monstrously big and it really grosses me out.  Her gigantic pouch of blubber that dangles down to her knees combined with her 1980’s stretch sweat pants terrify me.  She walks around the office panting, running out of breath and most likely about to die.  She told us the other day that just being outside exhaust her because it’s warm out there.  She talks to herself continually, telling stories about god knows what.  Her breathy side views are annoying, but whenever she strikes up an actual conversation it’s even more terrifying.  I got into a debate with her about religious schooling and she couldn’t even finish the debate because she was winded and needed to rest.  How embarassing.  And then there’s the smell.  I’ve seen two people spray the entire office with air freshner since her arrival.  It stinks because of her.  She stinks like a pile of rotting bile.  It’s disgusting and I should not have to work in such a vomit enducing enviroment.  It’s one thing to be over weight, it’s another to be uncontrollably huge, smelly and over all worthless to society. I’d shoot a scud missle at her, but I have a feeling it would bounce off her or be engulfed in her mounds of flesh and sweat.  Gross.


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